Facebook Is Helping To Get Puerto Rico Back Online Following Hurricane Maria

The people of Puerto Rico have suffered massive losses since Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the island earlier this month. Most of the country is without power, electricity, food, water, and shelter. Farm lands have been destroyed, along with countless businesses and homes.
As the death toll continues to rise and Puerto Ricans struggle to survive, the people are scrambling to connect with loved ones. These 3.4 million Americans have lost so much, and now Facebook is doing its part in giving back.
According to The Verge, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that in addition to doing everything they could to get people connected to the internet, his company would also be donating $1.5 million to NetHope and the World Food Programme for relief efforts.
"Communication is critical during a disaster. With 90% of cell towers on the island out of service, people can't get in touch with their loved ones — and it's harder for rescue workers to coordinate relief efforts," Zuckerberg wrote. "We're working to get Puerto Rico back online. We're sending the Facebook connectivity team to deliver emergency telecommunications assistance to get the systems up and running."
Zuckerberg continued to say that Facebook would be running ads sharing safety and resource tips before encouraging readers to donate what they can to Save the Children. So far, he's helped raise over $36,000.
The billionaire is the latest cultural figure to call attention to Puerto Rico, joining Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Marc Anthony, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Cuban, the New York Yankees, and Major League Baseball in donating money and supplies.
Though FEMA has been on the ground, President Donald Trump finally said on Tuesday that he would be visiting the devastated nation and that he'd authorized more military ships to deliver essential items. The announcement came shortly after the president had been criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for using his position and time to rant about peaceful protests in the NFL.

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