Tom Brady Has Some Questionable Ideas For Preventing Sunburns

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He may be the GOAT quarterback, but Tom Brady doesn't know the ABCs of SPF.
Deadspin reports that the Patriots QB just released a new book that's full of advice, sports analogies, and most importantly, a very strange theory about water consumption and sun protection.
In the tome, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, Brady explains that he drinks an impressive amount of water and connects his H2O intake with his lack of sunburns. SB Nation posted an excerpt from Brady's book, wherein he claims that he drinks 300 ounces of water a day, or about two-and-a-half gallons. Drinking water isn't necessarily bad, though. Deadspin notes that most professional athletes drink tons of the stuff, but what is bad? Brady's pseudoscientific connection between drinking it and not getting sunburned.
"When I was growing up, and playing outside in the sun, I got sunburned a lot. I was a fair-skinned Irish boy, after all. These days, even if I get an adequate amount of sun, I won’t get a sunburn, which I credit to the amount of water I drink. I always hydrate afterward, too, to keep my skin from peeling," Brady writes. "When I once told that to my sister, she said, 'You mean I don’t have to use all those moisturizers and facial products to keep my skin looking good? I should just drink as much water as you do?' [...] I just laughed."
The TB12 Method also contains a rundown of the various kinds of water that Brady drinks. Sorry, LaCroix fans, Brady says to avoid carbonated water because it's actually dehydrating due to its lack of oxygen. What he does recommend is adding his own brand of water-enhancing drops to purified and distilled water, which are his beverages of choice. Take that for what it's worth.
It's important to note that Brady probably — fingers crossed — uses a regular SPF in addition to his liquids. He doesn't mention it outright, but readers shouldn't think that he uses water as his only form of sun protection. While the book's stretching techniques and recipes seem harmless enough, there's no doubt that using sunscreen prevents sunburn.
Meanwhile, Deadspin makes it pretty clear what it thinks about the notion of water as SPF.

Deadspin reviews Tom Brady's new book.

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