Kim Kardashian Posted An Orange Watermelon On Snapchat & We Are Confused

Kim Kardashian-West frequently shares what she’s eating on Snapchat, from her favorite gum to McDonald’s to her sometimes-controversial Sunday dinners. But of the many bizarre things the social media phenomenon has posted, her most recent snap might be the strangest of all.
On Labor Day, sometime around 9pm PST, she shared a picture with her millions of Snapchat followers: a photo she simply captioned, “orange watermelon.” At present time, no further snaps have followed to elucidate why, where, and when she was eating this allegedly orange fruit. From the photo, it kind of looks like a seriously underripe melon that's not so appetizing.
But, as we have stood corrected when we have questioned Kim’s food judgement in the past, it turns out orange watermelon is definitely A Thing. In fact, there are actually several different varietals of the coral-hued fruit. Most of our research lead us to websites that sell seeds for the varietals, with names like Orange Krush and Tendersweet. Apparently orange melons tend to be sweeter than red or pink varietals and range in size from personal to 35 lbs. Now, besides regretting doubting Kim, we are also regretting that summer had to end and back-to-school Kimoji shopping had to start for us to learn of such a thing.
As for the orange watermelon Kim snapped, we have no word on what size or what variety of orange melon it was. We don't even know what she was up to over Labor Day, and a scan of the Instagram and Snapchat accounts of her closest friends and family don't reveal an oddly-colored fruit party to mark the end of summer.
As to where Kardashian-West stands on melons generally, we were able to uncover this tweet from 2012 that is also a tantalizingly vague piece of information generally lacking in context.
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