The Best Deals At Brandless, The Online Store Where Everything Is $3

photo: courtesy of Brandless.
Brandless, a new online store that takes the Trader Joe's model into overdrive, launched this week. With everything from quinoa to olive oil, all priced at $3, it's a a discount-lover's paradise. Perhaps most enticingly, we're just starting to see what Brandless is offering. The company is planning to continue to expand products across categories.
To get a better sense of how just good these price tags are, we did a bit of comparison shopping. While $3 is a good deal on just about everything, some prices are comparable to what you could get for generic goods for at major retailers. Any discount (no matter how small) adds up over time, but we were curious to see what the absolute best deals are — the deals that can save you as much as $5-10 for one product.
To figure out the biggest bang for our buck, we looked at price per ounce or unit compared to generic prices at both online and in some of our local NYC grocery stores. We also took into consideration that, at the flat rate of $3, Brandless is often offering organic and non-GMO foods.
Also worth noting: Brandless gets sometimes shoppers great deals per ounce or unit in lower quantities. Its single-serve coffee pods are 50¢ a unit, with six to a box. You can buy name-brand organic K-Cups from Amazon in bulk to get a low price per unit, but you have to buy a bunch. That said, some of the products on Brandless, like flour, come in smaller quantities so if you really want to get to the nitty-gritty of price comparisons, make sure to look at both product size and pricing.
Without further ado, here are our favorite picks.
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Twelve ounces of quinoa yields around six cups of the grain when cooked, or around 12¢ a serving.

Brandless Quinoa, $3, available at Brandless.
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Three dollars for olive oil from Italy is a great deal, even before you consider the fact that it's also USDA-certified organic.

Brandless Olive Oil, $3, available at Brandless.
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This balsamic vinegar comes with a certified protected geographical indication (P.G.I.) indicating that it is from Modena, one of only two tiny areas in Italy where balsamic vinegar is traditionally made.

Brandless Balsamic Vinegar, $3, available at Brandless.
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Cook with it, moisturize with it, do all sorts of random things with it .

Brandless Coconut Oil, $3, available at Brandless.
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Honey is one of many products Brandless sells that is also kosher certified.

Brandless Honey, $3, available at Brandless.
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Never settle for "maple-flavored" syrup again.

Brandless Maple Syrup, $3, available at Brandless.

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