The Perfect Father's Day Gift For Every Dad In The Zodiac

This Father's Day, we want to make sure that every dad out there gets something he wants — and something that actually fits his personality. So, we looked to the stars for a little help.
It's easy to assume that the ideal Father's Day gift is ultra-practical, like a tie, a mug, or a pair of socks. But, your dad might be a Taurus who craves something shiny for himself, or a Libra who'd rather spend time with you than receive yet another book. Your dad is sure to love whatever gift you choose, but consulting his sign can take your present beyond the basic. (And you can reserve the practical gifts for the Capricorn dads.)
Of course, not every Sagittarian dad loves the outdoors, and there are probably a few Gemini dads who aren't chatterboxes. If you find that the gift we've recommended for your dad's sun sign doesn't totally fit who he is, you can always browse based on his moon sign or rising sign.
Ahead, discover the best gift for your dad based on his sign, even if he's never read a horoscope in his life.
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Your Ram dad is probably even more active now than he was in his youth. Give him something that'll keep him going, whether he's running trails or running to meetings.

Our pick: This subscription box will send your dad a new set of running-themed goodies for as many months as you wish.
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There are few things Taurus dads love more than kicking back after a long day (or a day of any length, really). Find something that will enhance his R&R — bonus points if it's on the fancier side.

Our pick: If there's any space left in your dad's home bar, this mezcal gift set will fit in nicely.
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Gemini dads need something that will make them laugh almost as much they make themselves giggle. Seek out tickets to a local comedy show or give him a boxed set of a great comedian's standup.

Our pick: If he isn't already a disciple of Richard Pryor, this seven-CD boxed set will make him one.
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Cancer dads are an advanced class of homebodies — and nothing makes them happier than preparing a meal for their family. Pick out a high-end kitchen gadget or piece of cookware that's made to last

Our pick: This sturdy cutting board is durable enough for everyday use, but stylish enough to look great on the table.
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When Leos pick a hobby, they're already mentally prepared to excel at it, but they may need some help to realize that goal. Enroll your dad in a photography or beer-making class, and don't forget to check if you can take it as a pair.

Our pick: Canon has a wide range of photography and videography classes to choose from — and they're all online.
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Virgo dads love tending to their own little universe, whether that's a train set or a garden. Give him a project that lets him escape from the outside world.

Our pick: This bonsai kit will appeal to both your dad's inner Earth child and his (lovable) control-freak streak.
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You Libra dad loves to be where the people are. For him, there's no greater gift than one that lets him be part of an experience, so swallow your hatred of crowds for one day and take him to that stadium concert, museum exhibit, or Broadway show.

Our pick: A gift card doesn't have to be generic, especially if it means your dad gets to drag you to see Tom Petty for the tenth time.
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Scorpio dads are a quiet bunch — give him the gift of alone time with a book that will keep him thinking long after he's finished reading.

Our pick: The late Denis Johnson's prose is sure to appeal to your dad's signature dark side.
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We're going to go out on a limb and say your dad is a fan of camping — not because it builds character, but because he's an outdoorsy Sag. Plan a weekend excursion with him or surprise him with some new gear.

Our pick: Chances are, your Archer dad has been hiking with the same ratty pack since his college days, so he's due for upgrade.
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Capricorn dads stick to the classics in all areas of life, so he'd probably like a tie or a wallet this year. These Father's Day staples don't have to be dull, providing you put a little favorite-child spin on your choice.

Our pick: This wallet has a streamlined design that your dad will love, but its paint-splattered print adds enough edge to make it more than just another practical gift.
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Aquarian dads love a little gadgetry, even in their most everyday items, from their coffee makers to their toothbrushes. Give him something that brings him one step closer to his Jetsons dream life.

Our pick: This sleek, electric toothbrush comes with a subscription plan and a handle that lasts a lifetime.
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A Pisces dad is essentially a one-person support system: He's there when you need encouragement, advice, or just someone to listen. He deserves a gift that lets him pamper himself a little.

Our pick: Your dad's mornings just got a lot cozier with these shearling slippers.

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