Your June Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
And just like that, the year is halfway finished as we enter the busy month of June. We’re picking up the pace as we wrap up Gemini season — the last sign of the springtime — before heading into the wild energies of summer. Prepare to take action and expect to be fueled by your passion and emotions as the planets spin back and forth over your head.
If you're feeling breathless, emotional, or plain old fired up, that's how the planets want you to feel. We begin the month with a tight grand trine between Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus that fills us with dreamy aspirations of love, compassion, and even a bit of delusion. Try not to get carried away on a dream and a song as everything isn't as it seems — especially when Neptune is involved. Sometimes things are, indeed, too good to be true and spending a little too much time in Lala Land can take us off course altogether. We have to be wary of misconceptions and lies this month as Neptune clouds our vision with its smoke and mirrors.
We'll get a chance to retrace our steps when Mars begins his retrograde journey on June 27 until August 27, turning our outward drive, ambition, and anger inward to be reviewed. Know that Mars can be a bit unusual in his mannerisms when he's in Aquarius. Chances are high that the world will be a little bit weirder over the next few weeks. The key this month is to stay true yourself. Don't forget what makes you shine and the role you get to play in others' lives. It’s a highly reactive month. Just keep your wits about you and you should do just fine. Sound confusing? Well, welcome to the month of June!

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