If You Love Unicorn Food, Let Us Introduce You To The Unicorn Quesadilla

The unicorn and rainbow food trend is heading south of the border. According to Teen Vogue, quesadillas are the latest food to get the Technicolor, Instagram-ready treatment — and the results are pretty amazing.
Food historians and savvy Instagram users can trace the unicorn quesadilla can back to El Premio Mayor, a chain of Mexican restaurants based in Fresno, CA. The hashtag #unicornquesadilla shows El Premio Mayor serving a few of the cheesy, rainbow delights over the weekend.
To get the desired mythical effect, the restaurant's enchanted chefs dye shredded cheese with various hues of food coloring and arrange them strategically inside a tortilla. When the cheese is heated up and lucky diners pull the quesadillas apart, the magic reveals itself in melty, ooey, gooey, delicious strings of unicorn goodness. The different colors of cheese create an edible rainbow, making for a photo-ready delicacy that's sure to rack up the Likes.
Teen Vogue adds that El Premio Mayor's unicorn quesadilla isn't on the restaurant's day-to-day menu, but if the trend sticks around, diners can probably expect the colorful creation to materialize pretty often. After all, Starbucks limited-edition Unicorn Frappuccino was only available for a weekend and people are still trying to wrap their heads around the sugary concoction.

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Anyone looking to make their own unicorn quesadillas can try to one-up the OG source by swapping the standard corn or flour tortilla for a blue corn option, giving the resulting entree one more dose of cool color. And since unicorn foods generally lean towards sweet desserts, it's nice to see a savory take on what's become the food trend that just keeps on giving. This quesadilla is the perfect pre-unicorn dessert food, so prepare to see your feed full of stringy cheese rainbows when this makes it big.
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