These Are The Only Clouds You'll Want To See This Summer

Nothing puts a damper on a long-awaited beach day quite like the AccuWeather forecast calling for cloudy skies. But, after an eternity of being a sunbather’s worst nightmare, the dreaded weather pattern has finally found a place where it can be appreciated: in your beauty routine.
The puffy, “cotton-like” clusters are the inspiration behind a slew of new products that boast of airy textures and replenishing ingredients that feel weightless on the skin — as if they could just... float away.
Cloud creams, serums, and even one particularly bouncy blush go on soft and hydrating, but like their namesake, seem to vanish into thin air, leaving nothing but a smooth complexion and a veil of moisture behind. Unlike their namesake, however, they won't get in the way of your summer plans.
While nobody has found a way to bottle water vapor straight from the atmosphere and sell it to unsuspecting Sephora customers just yet, these innovative products are the next best thing. Who could have ever predicted that clouds would have their own day in the sun?

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