Elizabeth Swann Is Joining Her Family In The New Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie

After months of speculation, the international trailer for the fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean film — subtitled Dead Men Tell No Tales — has revealed what so many fans hoped to be true.
Keira Knightley's Elizabeth Swann is back, a fact that many Pirates loyalists suspected when it was revealed that Brenton Thwaites would be portraying Henry Turner, the son of Elizabeth and her pirate hubby Will. While Orlando Bloom is reprising Will in the new film, it was not clear — until now — whether his onscreen wife would be joining the action. Now that it is, we can finally look forward to a Pirates Of The Caribbean that is a true family affair.
The upcoming film is bringing back familiar faces (both Bloom and Knightley skipped the last film in the franchise, 2011's standalone sequel On Stranger Tides) and does seem to act as a reboot of sorts. For one thing, Thwaites looks to be as much of a swashbuckler as his dad. For another, Skins actress Kaya Scodelario is giving us serious Elizabeth Swann vibes in the new trailer. She can definitely kick ass in a corset (not an easy task, for obvious reasons) just as her predecessor did. In fact, Scodelario seemed to tease that the movie was taking things back to the franchise's beginnings, when it was best known as "that movie based on the Disneyland ride."
She told Digital Spy: "It [does have] a lot more of the first movie, that's what they wanted to bring it back to. [The producers] want to take it back to the beginning again. They wanted it to have this epic journey, and for it to make sense, and for it to tie things up, and also lead to new storylines."
It's only appropriate for Swann to show up to hand things off to the new character. You can catch a glimpse of her in the official Japanese trailer below.

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