Domino's Got Stranger Things' Steve To Reenact Ferris Bueller & We're In Love

Stranger Things is a show that trades largely on nostalgia without introducing much in the way of new ideas or innovative plotting. Sure, watching Eleven and the gang is pretty fun, and the Upside-Down is pretty scary, and Winona Ryder is awesome, but we've more or less seen it all before. It's karaoke for people who don't really remember the 1980s. If you're a fan of the show, that's totally cool, it's charming, but it's facing major questions heading into its second season.
In that same vein, Domino's has enlisted Joe Keery (Steve on Stranger Things) to do a pitch-perfect modern take on Ferris Bueller. It's pretty enjoyable. Here's the first spot. They even got the dad to be in the thing! And Keery is pretty good. His hair, jumping down onto the Bueller entryway, is truly magnificent.
There's this other spot where Keery uses an Alexa to order Domino's.
What's weird about both of these spots is the other product placement in them. Like, why is the dad driving an Audi? And why is there an Amazon Alexa in the second ad? Are the other companies paying Domino's to use their products in the ad? As a means of defraying cost? That would be truly bizarre, but something to look out for in future spots.

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