The Most Insane Catfish Reveals Ever

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Well, it looks like Nev Schulman and Max Jacob haven't run out of mysteries to solve, because Season 6 of Catfish kicks off tonight on MTV at 8 p.m, with 20 new stories to share.
When it premiered in 2012, Catfish capitalized on the drama and deception surrounding online romance. Five years later, with people swiping left and right on their lunch breach, online dating has become a far more common beast. That said, the show’s signature combination of mortification, mixed-up identities, and hope is no less entertaining today than it was yesterday.
Join us as we relive some of the most cringeworthy reveals in Catfish’s history. We’re talking confrontations on overgrown lawns in rundown towns, blubbering heartbreak in real time, and Nev’s self-satisfied smirk. Sometimes, when you go fishing for the truth, you catch a catfish.
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Kya & Alyx

About once every few years, one of the couples on Catfish walk out toward the sunset together. After clearing away a whole lotta lies and deception, Kya and Alyx join the ranks of Catfish couples who end in a burst of flames. After meeting on a website called Vampire Freaks, Kya and Alyx fall in love — but aren’t quite telling the whole truth.

During their confrontation, Kya confesses that her profile photos were fake. Alyx one-ups this confession by saying that not only is he using fake photos, by he's actually Dani, a transgender man. Kya doesn’t mind. She forgives Dani, and off they go.

*A caveat: Dani and Kya broke up soon after the episode aired.
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Jasmine & Mike

Catfish is a show chock-full of uncomfortable revelations, but this reveal was particularly brutal.

Jasmine, a young single mother, thinks she’s found the perfect mate in Mike, a fellow single parent. After two years of talking, Jasmine enlists the help of Nev and Max to make contact with Mike. Unfortunately for Jasmine, it turns out that Mike’s not real. To make matters worse, he’s the brainchild of her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend, Mhissy. In a soap opera twist, Mhissy admits that she’d created the fake Facebook account just so she could watch Jasmine crumble. Now that’s some evil villain stuff.
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Cassie & Steve

This is a case of good intentions gone awry. Remember, people: If you’re ever planning on catfishing your friend for their own good, think again! After Cassie’s father is brutally murdered in 2010, she processes her grief through alcohol and fast living. Her friend, Gladys, takes matters into her own hands to ensure Cassie doesn't “screw up [her] life forever” and get knocked up. So, playing the hero, Gladys creates a fake Facebook profile of an aspiring Atlanta rapper named Steven Gomez (alias: S-KILLA). Gladys even enlists her musician cousin to make a fake album, and talk to her on the phone pretending to be Steven. Cassie and S-KILLA actually get engaged.

How Gladys kept up the lie even after Nev and Max show up is beyond us. The episode ends with Cassie stating that she and Gladys will stay friends.
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Artis & Jeff

There’s nothing like watching lives crumble in real time. And with such fireworks! Artis dumps his girlfriend and leaves their three kids to meet Jess, the woman he’s been dating online. But Jess isn’t Jess. Jess is Jeff, a young man who claims he’d been catfishing Artis to give him a lesson that cheating is immoral.

In a heated interview with Nev, Jeff tiptoes out of the closet and admits he might be interested in Artis romantically.
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Whitney & Bre

Buckle in, because things are about to get meta. Nev and Max are called in to help Whitney meet the L.A.-based exotic dancer she’s been dating for four years. Whitney claims they haven’t ever video-chatted due to lack of Wi-Fi. While doing their usual snooping, the hosts discover that the couple had been video chatting all along. Unable to afford plane tickets, the keen strategists decided to use the TV show as a last-ditch way to meet in person. Kind souls that they are, Nev and Max fly Whitney out to meet Bre, anyway.
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Antwane & Tony

Ah, another revenge stunt. Pretending to be a pal, Carmen agrees to help her cousin Antwane track down the identity of his online beau of three years, Tony. It turns out that Carmen IS Tony. Ever since Antwane called her “fat-ass Kelly Price” in front of all their friends, Carmen had been plotting her revenge.

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