These Motivational Messages Will Make Your Day

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At work, affirmations that you're doing a good job tend to come around the holidays, after a project is completed, and during performance reviews. But often it's the periods in between that feel like the biggest struggle.

Staying geared up for repeated late nights at the office requires a level of endurance that you just can't learn growing up. The times when you're on your phone with your boss more than your family and friends and checking email like your life depends on it are when you could use a message of support.

How do the pros keep their teams motivated? We asked 15 top businesswomen for the words they send for a boost via text, Slack, or email. Some avoid emoji while others embrace a good thumbs up. Some opt for simple thank-yous or quotes from inspiring individuals. Some send their notes spur of the moment, and some plan them out ahead of time. But all have one purpose: To remind everyone that their work matters. Click through to see what these female leaders say to their staff when a little positive reinforcement is in order — and pass it on.

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