Sophia From The Walking Dead Looks Totally Different Now

Photo: Matthew Welch/AMC.
It's so hard to say goodbye, especially when you're bidding farewell to someone who got attacked by zombies and basically wants to munch on your brains now. C'est la vie, amirite? We may have bid adieu to Madison Lintz's Walking Dead character, Sophia, five years ago, but we've never forgotten her — especially since her adorable blond bro (played by Macsen Lintz, the actress' actual little brother) is still alive and well on the show (relatively speaking).

But thanks to Instagram, we've been keeping tabs on Lintz and can report that she is doing just fine. In fact, she's living her best teen life and has plenty on her plate that's refreshingly zombie-free.

Since her time on TWD, when she was best known for toting dolls around the zombie-ridden wasteland and wearing rainbow T-shirts, Lintz has been doing typical teenager things like mastering winged eyeliner and going to prom.

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Lintz is 17 now and after a guest spot on Nashville, she snagged a role on Amazon's Bosch, which just got renewed for a fourth season. She also has a horror flick, Tell Me Your Name, coming out soon. The movie's about a girl who accidentally invites a demonic spirit to possess her, which leaves her pals and family (Lintz included) fighting for her very soul. Maybe you just can't shake the creepy crawlies after you grow up around the undead?

In case you needed one more reason to love Lintz, she's a Stranger Things stan, too. Sometimes, stars really are just like us (minus getting shot in the head by Rick Grimes).

So lovely meeting you @gatenm123 !! You've gotten super tall since season 1 of Stranger Things.

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