This New Small Spaces Pottery Barn Collection Is Just What Your Tiny Home Needs

Tiny living is everywhere these days. People are condensing their big homes into tiny ones (the inevitable result after Marie Kondo helped us get rid of all our stuff?); they’re moving into camper vans and RVs in cities, of all things; tiny living has even entered our TV screens with shows like Tiny House Hunting and Tiny House Nation. Hell, “tiny living” has really been around forever — it’s called living in New York or any other city where Murphy beds and closet-free bedrooms are the norm.

But regardless, one thing all these tiny spaces have in common? No matter their tiny size, they still need furniture. And where to get furniture that’s classy, sustainable, and affordable? There might be no better place to start than with Pottery Barn’s new “Small Spaces” collection. The new pieces are “size-conscious” and “multi-functional” — a table that doubles as a desk, a couch with a secret storage unit, and so on.

The style is classic but with a heritage flair so you’re guaranteed cool points from your hipster friends and your parents. Click through to see some of our fave pieces from the spring 2017 collection, available now.

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Just a quick glance in this chair’s direction and we're already picking out all the books we want to read while curled up in it.

Pottery Barn Soma Delancey Wingback Upholstered Armchair, $399, available at Pottery Barn.
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This table is kind of like Superman — by day, it’s to eat brunch on, and by mid-afternoon, it’s for writing your novella.

Pottery Barn Alice Gateleg Storage Table, $399, available at Pottery Barn.
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Can we say classic, and looks great with your fave comforter? Plus, we spy some room underneath for storage…

Pottery Barn Astoria Turned Leg Platform Bed, $449 to $549, available at Pottery Barn.
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If you don’t want to leave your bike outside, exposed to the elements, but you also don’t have anything resembling a garage, this is for you. It’s even better than the average bike rack, though, because…shelf space! Store your helmet, messenger bag, or something that has nothing to do with your bike, there.

Pottery Barn Wall-Mounted Bike Rack, $69, available at Pottery Barn.
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Not only is this couch adorbs and able to seat three or four people (at least!), but there's a secret storage space underneath one of the cushions.

Pottery Barn Soma Bryant Upholstered Sofa Chaise Sectional, $1,099, available at Pottery Barn.
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Not sure about you, but between our books, picture frames, and fake food collection (just me?), we can never get enough shelf space. Which is why this unit is perfect — because it’s slim and holds a ton.

Pottery Barn Dublin Stackable Shelving Unit, $69 to $276, available at Pottery Barn.
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Whether you have no closet at all (ahem, every New York apartment we’ve ever lived in), or yours just doesn’t quite fit all your clothes, this is for you. Hang dresses, display shoes, stack sweaters galore.

Pottery Barn Antique Gray Modular Clothes Rack, $249, available at Pottery Barn.
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You could have a bunch of shoes in a pile by your front door, or you could step it up and get this — a bench to place near the door that has room for all the essentials. This way, when you get home, you can put your purse and grocery bags down, and take your shoes off right away.

Pottery Barn Murphy Entry Bench, $199, available at Pottery Barn.
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Small enough to fit in a tight space, but spacious enough to fit your laptop or even desktop computer — plus all your pens, pencils, and paper supplies. There’s even room for a printer if you want to go that route.

Pottery Barn Windsor Modular Desk, $229, available at Pottery Barn.
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Perfect for you and a friend, or a luxurious solo meal with all your magazines spread out. We know what we’re doing tonight…

Pottery Barn Rae Bistro Table, $299, available at Pottery Barn.
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