Betty White Celebrated Her 95th Birthday Like A Boss

So, let's get this straight. Yesterday, Betty White turned 95. She threw a party, and instead of inviting everyone she knew, only Katie Couric scored an invite. To top it off, Couric had the gall to present the birthday girl with some fancy fruit tart. We repeat: She got to hang out with Betty White on the most cake-necessary day of the year, and she didn't bring a damn cheesecake. Unacceptable.

But hey, at least the Golden Girls star looks pretty content in the photo she shared of her special day. Who wouldn't be utterly blissed out while lounging around with their favorite stuffed sloth (shades of Kristen Bell) and a crossword puzzle? We bet she fills that sucker in with a Sharpie, because Betty White is never wrong.

"No better way to kick off 95 than with a visit from my dear friend, @KatieCouric," White tweeted to fans.
Couric, incidentally, was on hand to interview White about her birthday for Yahoo News.

“I just appreciate the fact that people have been so kind to me all these years,” White told the journalist.

As if we'd let the pride of St. Olaf feel unappreciated. Next year, we guarantee there will be cheesecake.

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