Finally, A Way To Control Your Home's Scent Remotely

Photo: Courtesy of Moodo.
Smart houses are no longer just the subject of a (fantastic) Disney Channel movie. As the Internet of Things expands, it's become possible to control your lights, your thermostat, and even your toaster with your phone. But somehow, until now, we didn't have anything to make sure our apartments smelled squeaky clean from a distance.

Enter, a new app called Moodo, which is crowdfunding on Indiegogo, The Next Web reports. The app connects to a "fragrance box," letting you fill your home with up to 400,000 scents by mixing and matching different combinations.

The Indiegogo page advertises the product as a virtual palette for smells. "As primarily visual and auditory thinkers, we don't ordinarily imagine scent as a spectrum, the way we view the colors of a color-wheel or palette of a rainbow," it reads. "But smell is actually one of the widest spectrum in nature, and it hasn’t found its place in the modern home."

You can get one shipped to you by July for $149-379, depending on how many smells you want to "paint" with.

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