Your Toast Could Predict The Weather For You, Thanks To This New App

There's now everything from smart sex toys to smart suitcases, but we didn't think we'd live to see smart toast. Okay, so it's not the toast itself that's intelligent, but you could be fooled. A new toaster called Toasteroid will plaster a variety of customized images onto your breakfast, Eater reports. According to the device's Kickstarter page, it connects to a smartphone app that lets you select designs. You can even draw your own pictures, which the toaster will burn into your bread. Who said smiley faces on your breakfast were only for the iHop kids' menu? You can also view a visual representation of different levels of brownness as you control the heat. Or, if you're making toast for someone else, you can write them a message. But this is probably the coolest feature: Toasteroid will put the day's weather forecast on your bread, because why simply view this information on your phone when you can eat it? You can get a mini Toasteroid, which prints only on one slice, next July by pledging $65 on Kickstarter ($59 if you're one of the first). Or, you can get a big one that prints on two pieces by August 2017 by pledging $85. It's one way to help you wake up in the morning.

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