Tom Hanks Continues To Earn His Title As America's Dad

Photo: Brian To/REX/Shutterstock.
Tom Hanks is back at it again: being the most charming guy ever. The actor, 60, apparently keeps up with what we assume is a never-ending supply of fan mail. And one Toronto native got very lucky when Hanks replied to her request for a headshot in the most lovely way.
A Toronto woman named Zena Gopal made a silly wager with friends on who could successfully secure a headshot from a celebrity first, according to CBC News Toronto. Gopal put her money on Hanks and made the request, complete with a photo of herself and a letter expressing her love for Hanks' 1996 musical dramedy That Thing You Do!. Three weeks later — basically lightning speed in celebrity fan mail reply time — Gopal heard back.
America's Dad went old school with a funny Polaroid selfie. In the shot, he held up the photo of Gopal that she had sent him. Even better, the Sully star included a typewritten personal letter, penned on what would appear to be HANX stationary. "Hey, Zena, Does this count as a headshot?" he wrote, going on to apologize for his facial hair. "Sorry for the beard, but I have some shooting coming up and I must have whiskers. And, my headshot is not all that current, taken long ago and I’d come off vain sending along." Ha!
He continued with some banter about Toronto. "Toronto, huh? Damn fine town. Growing fast, all those condo towers down on the lake. Nice views, I guess. I have not been there since one of the Film Festival dates sometime back." He continued, "Christmas just days away. Are you ready?"
Funny enough, Hanks admitted that he too often finds himself "humming some of the music from That Thing You Do! like you." Hanks ended his note: "This Polaroid has been developing as I have been typing. The thing is scary … Throw deep, always."
Um, no, Tom. The Polaroid is beautiful, and also the best holiday present ever.
Photo: Courtesy of Tom Hanks via Imgur.
Photo: Courtesy of Tom Hanks via Imgur.

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