7 Beauty Secrets We Found Out About Gilmore Girls

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This November, a fictional small town in Connecticut lit up Netflix and reignited a fandom that had been in hibernation for almost a decade. Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life rocked our world with a whirlwind binge session over the Thanksgiving holiday break, but by the end, we were dying for more. While the jury is still out on whether Amy Sherman-Palladino will give us even more Gilmore wit, we’re latching on to any inside scoops we can get — and we just found our next fix. We spoke with the show’s lead makeup artist, Tegan Taylor, and she told us everything.

We always loved Rory, Lorelai, and Emily for their brains, not just their beauty — very woke of our early-aughts selves — but finding out what goes into turning each actor into a Gilmore made our ears perk up. We know it at least takes gin, pop tarts, and a little WASP attitude, but what else could one need?

We waited nine years for these women's return, and things got real. For Taylor, the prep was all about looking back on Gilmore Girls seasons, blending who the characters were and who they have become, plus a lot of cult-favorite makeup products.

Check ahead to see what Taylor had to say about our favorite East Coast cast, and satisfy your Gilmore addiction for just a minute.
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HD Televison Changed Everything
Nine years ago, high-definition filming had no place on our first-generation flat screens. By the time this series revival came around, producers were concerned with changing up the characters' looks because HD would pick up every itty-bitty splotch of makeup. "Together we discussed how each [character] would look. I had my own opinion and the actors' opinions, and went from there," Taylor tells us.

Sure, we know everyone is wearing makeup, but no one necessarily wants that fourth wall broken only to realize, None of this is real anymore. So, Taylor was on the hunt to make everyone look good, but have the makeup be as seamless as possible.
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Luke Danes Got Frequent Facials
Imagine that pretty picture. We think the real Luke Danes would never set foot in a spa or salon, but the actor Scott Patterson, along with the rest of the cast, got weekly Oxygen Facials à la Taylor and Intraceuticals. Taylor also often tapped on light tinted moisturizers, like Laura Mercier's, which are friendly for HD and complexions.
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The Cast Got Weekly Spray Tans
The craziest shocker? Prep didn’t stop at a few facials. All three women were given a spray tan once a week using Vita Liberata products, “It is absolutely the most natural-looking one on the market. For Gilmore Girls, the medium tone was perfect because it gives as very naturally sun-kissed look,” she told InStyle.
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Zendaya's Fave Highlighter Fought Coffee-Cup Stains
There are few characters on television who talk as much as the ones on Gilmore Girls, so keeping their lips hydrated and soft was a necessity. Taylor explained that a longtime classic — and Zendaya's highlighting secret — was the winner: Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

But what about all the coffee? Sipping on all those cups can wipe away a perfect pout, so for the actors, Taylor opted for formulas from Clinique that never bled into lip lines — or Luke's coffee mugs.
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Blue Eyes Aren't Easy
Taylor tells us that Rory's makeup had to be tweaked considering Alexis Bledel's piercing baby blues. They are so striking, even a subtle beauty look can become dramatic, so Taylor kept the eye makeup low-key. "We stuck to warm, natural tones, like Cork from MAC and Python by Senna Cosmetics in the crease," she explains.

Bledel also prefers to keep her look natural and minimal, so Taylor blended that with what Rory might do herself: "She's a grown woman, and I didn't want her to be overly made up. There was a fine line with finding a presence in the scene, but not looking like too much on camera."
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Paris Geller Wore A Fancy Lipstick — & We’re Not Surprised
“Considering the style of the show, the producers didn’t want Paris’ character to look overly made up," Taylor explains. To work within this parameter, she used medium coverage bases and concealers, but most importantly, topped off her looks with Tom Ford lipsticks. Do we expect anything less from our abrasive power girl? Paris once said, "If you need some love, get a hooker." To that, we say: If you need a good lipstick, get some Tom Ford.
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Emily Gilmore Used Drugstore Lashes
We always imagined Emily Gilmore's vanity covered in vintage Chanel bottles and La Mer jars, but in reality, she was using the same makeup as everyone else. Taylor mentioned that it has been nine years, so the amount of makeup on Kelly Bishop was a bit heavier than everyone else's — but she totally didn't mind, "She's a Broadway actress and wasn't opposed to a more painted face. She's also almost 80 years old and might have more needs than someone who's a thirtysomething," she tells us. Plus, Bishop wasn't using $50 falsies, but rather a personal favorite: Ardell Baby Demi Wispies Faux Lashes.
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