Uber Rolls Out New Changes That Are Perfect For Colder Months

Winter months are almost synonymous with shitty commutes. The first snow might be a beautiful, white wonderland, but after that, you're stuck with freezing temperatures and sludge and salt as far as the eye can see. In other words, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of time walking to the train, waiting for the bus, or hailing a cab.

Uber's new app is the solution to your winter commuting concerns. While it rolled out last week — you might have noticed a much more detailed map — some key features are being unveiled today. All of them make it much easier and faster to get where you're going, whether you're trying to meet up with friends or head to the airport for your holiday travels. If you want to have a steaming bowl of ramen arrive at home at the same time you do, that's possible, too.

Click through to check out all the new tools. And don't forget to update your friends about the third slide.
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Set Shortcuts
Whether you always head to the same karaoke spot on Thursdays or the gym after work, there are some spots (work and home, included) that are a part of your everyday routine. Now, instead of entering them into the destination search bar, you can add them as shortcuts on your Uber homescreen. That way, when you open the app, you can tap a button and be on your way.
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Keep Your Calendar In Check
Now, you can sync your calendar with the Uber app. So say you're traveling to JFK on December 22 to go home for the holidays. If that's in your calendar, you can open Uber and you'll see a shortcut to go to JFK. An in-app shortcut does not mean that you'll avoid crazy holiday traffic delays, though, so plan accordingly.
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Meet Up With Friends
This might be the new app's best feature. Instead of texting with a friend to find out where they are, you can connect with them through Uber. Sync your contacts, enter a friends name, and Uber will send them a request asking to verify their location. Once they've done so, Uber will make your friend's location your destination so you can get on your way sooner.
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Get Price Points & ETAs
Not sure whether to take UberX, UberPool, or UberBlack? When you scroll through your options along the bottom of the screen, you'll see the price and ETA for each, so you can make a more informed decision.
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Have Food Waiting
Uber's made its in-app experience much more all-inclusive. Once your car has arrived and you're headed towards your destination, you can scroll down in the app to order food from UberEats. The app lets you know which restaurants can deliver your Thai food by the time you get there, so dinner is ready and waiting. It's kind of like having a personal chef, right?
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Hey, Soul Sister
You can also use the app to stream music from Pandora once your ride has started. The music will play through the car's speakers, meaning you're in control of the playlist.
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Snap Happy
This tool is just for fun. Now, in addition to texting your ETA to friends, you can snap it to them. Within the Uber app, scroll down and press "unlock filter." That will open Snapchat. Once there, take a photo and add the ETA filter, which will show your minutes until arrival.
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Find Your Driver
Up until now, airports, crowded event spaces, and concerts have had one major thing in common: Finding your Uber at any of those locations has been hell. Plenty of other weary travelers and revelers also ordered one and everyone is trying to squint at the license plates and figure out which car is their ride. Now, Uber is attempting to solve the problem with Beacons.

If you heard about Lyft's Amps, Uber's Beacons are essentially the same thing. Starting this week, drivers will have a light-up Uber logo on their dashboard. In the app, you can select the color you want the logo to be, making it easier to find your driver.

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