30 Photos Of Jackie O. From The Early Days Of American Street Style

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If ever there were a more iconic and stylish first lady than Michelle Obama, it was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Always one to dissociate the politics from her fashion, she was legendary for her approach to dressing under an entire nation's magnifying glass. Simply: If she liked it, she had to have it. And so it'd go that, despite being scrutinized for her spending habits, Onassis and her style were emulated in retailers and magazines across the country.

While Onassis was given a budget of $50,000 for White House decor and renovations (which was gone within her first days as first lady), it was her father-in-law Joseph Kennedy, Sr, who funded her fixation on French couture, according to her bio on the History Channel. Her favorite designers included Hubert de Givenchy, Christian Dior, and Coco Chanel to name a few. But eventually, following criticism on the lavish spending and to incorporate more American designers into her wardrobe, she hired Oleg Cassini, who was prolific in his designs for the first lady.

In the slideshow ahead, we're looking back at the timeless style of the late Jackie O. A New York native, Onassis' often color-blocked wardrobe could be considered the antidote to the all-black mantra of those who inhabit the city (and still praise her style) today. If it wasn't a pillbox hat, it was a pair of oversized sunglasses. If it wasn't a set of elbow-length gloves, it was a tiny bow. Either way, no detail was left untied. And that's why, through controversy and tragedy, Onassis and her style still live on today.
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Photo: Estate of Stanley Tretick/Getty Images.
Sometime after her husband's assassination, Onassis is seen here in a yellow tee, at their home in Hyannis Port, MA, with her son John-John.
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Onassis married John F. Kennedy in a ball-skirted, cap sleeve gown by African-American designer Ann Lowe. On her wedding day, Kennedy gave Onassis a diamond bracelet.
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Here, Onassis wears all-white post-Labor Day on September 9, 1962.
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Onassis watches the first America's Cup Race in Newport, RI, on September 15, 1962, wearing one of her many neck scarves.
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During a visit to the Canadian capitol, Onassis stuns in an all-white gown with embellished trim.
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The former FLOTUS wears floral booties to match her dress as she tours India in March 1962.
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Here, she wears a Rajasthani mark on her forehead that symbolizes luck and respect.
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Photo: Lisa Larsen/Getty Images.
The morning after Election Day, eight-months pregnant Onassis wore a purple coat, the color of royalty.
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In a similar silhouette, Onassis takes in the seaside in one of her many oversized wool mohair coats.
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In a trench coat and printed scarf, Onassis and daughter Caroline Kennedy pause on the stairs of their Hyannis Port home in 1960.
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Walking through crowds at Udaipur, India, Onassis wears a silk apricot dress and a triple strand of pearls. Clock the matching bag.
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Many of Onassis' dresses were sleeveless crewnecks, the perfect silhouette for a summer picnic.
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That signature look seen here in sky blue alongside the first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.
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Onassis' jewelry collection was sold at auction in 1996 for approximately $34.5 million.
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Her ubiquitous oversized sunglasses and head scarf look seen here at the Amalfi pier, en route to Conca dei Marini beach via motorboat.
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Onassis posing for a portrait at her Georgetown home, wearing a family-heirloom strand of pearls.
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On January 8, 1963, Onassis wore a pastel pink strapless gown to the unveiling ceremonies at National Gallery of Art. The embellished trim was a favorite of Onassis and can be seen on several of her custom evening gowns.
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In a navy dress with Pantone's Greenery-colored trim, Onassis visits India in 1962.
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Onassis was said to love wind in her hair. Here, we see her clad in Ralph Lauren-style equestrian uniform catching just that.
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During a state visit to France, Onassis wears a head-to-toe canary yellow suit to the Palais de l'Élysée.
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Onassis, pictured with her husband and daughter, dressed in minimal jewelry and a tea-length, sleeveless summer dress.
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Onassis, alongside the former U.S. Ambassador to India, John Kenneth Galbraith, wearing a pink sheath dress and ceremonial necklace.
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Onassis smiling behind her favorite iconic oversized sunglasses that'd go on to inspire designers like Nina Ricci and Oscar de la Renta to create the "Jackie" shape.
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Months before their wedding, then-Jacqueline Bouvier sits with her then-fiancé John F. Kennedy in Massachusetts. Though, we could swear this was an old Christian Dior ad promoting the New Look.
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No color was too bright or too daring.
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Onassis leaving St. Mary's hospital after visiting her father-in-law in Florida in December, 1961, in a coverall coat that's still replicated today.
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Famous for her desire to live a private life, Onassis often used her large sunglasses and head wrap combination to shield herself from cameras.
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Of course, what slideshow of first lady style would be complete without a white pantsuit?
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In a two-piece red outfit, Onassis plays with her children, Caroline and John-John Kennedy, on Christmas morning.
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Photo: Art Rickerby/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images.
On November 22, 1962, Onassis and Kennedy arrive at the airport before their tragic drive through Dallas. Following her husband's assassination, Onassis refused to remove the blood-stained, pink would-bouclé Chanel suit, even during the swearing-in of then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Today, the suit is kept out of public view inside an acid-free container in a windowless room, where the temperature is said to be changed six times an hour.

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