Disney Princesses Imagined As Victoria's Secret Angels Is Just Too Disturbing

Disney princesses have been imagined in all different ways. They've been hot dogs, modern girls and even swapped movies. But, this latest transformation just feels plain wrong.

As Hello Giggles pointed out, the illustrator Greco turned a few Disney princesses into Victoria's Secret Angels. Frozen sisters Elsa and Anna are no longer in their floor-length gowns, but wearing push-up bras and wings. Not really the most appropriate attire for the kingdom of Arendelle.

Or, for that matter, teenage girls. That's the problem with these illustrations. They turn these heroines for young girls into over-sexualized male fantasies. Their bodies are drawn to proportions that are cartoonish even for these animated characters.

Ahead, these images promote the idea that these strong female characters are more when they're wearing less. To that we say no thanks. We like these young women just the way they are.
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Photo: via archibald.art.
This showgirl-style outfit is bound to give this ice princess frostbite.
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Photo: via archibald.art.

The 18-year-old seems to be suffering from a wardrobe malfunction. Perhaps, a terrible sledding accident?
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Photo: via archibald.art.

The star of Brave still has her cape, but little else. Where is she supposed to keep her bow and arrow?
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Photo: via archibald.art.

The 16-year-old Moana has gone from girl to woman right before our eyes. She's no longer a feminist character that kids can look up to for being a leader, but someone to be ogled in her barely there bra and panties.
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Photo: via archibald.art.

In this image, the 18-year-old Tangled star not only has less hair, but a lot less clothes, which would make it way harder to climb out of that tower.

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