32 Gifts For Every Type Of Fit Freak In Your Life

Like everyone else these days, you probably keep in touch with your best friends (near and far) via their social-media feeds. You likely have at least one foodie friend who posts pictures of every amazing meal she eats, the buddy who always seems to be traveling to some exotic location, and maybe even one who’s a new mom (and has a page full of stupidly cute baby pics, just in case you forgot).

Then, there’s your fit friend. She’s the one who posts Instagram pics of headstands on the beach and/or those post-run sweaty selfies. If anyone else posted these kinds of things, it would be sort of annoying, but because you love her, it’s okay when she does it. It’s motivating, even.

We’re talking about that person in your life who spends their weekends training for triathlons, while your idea of a marathon maybe involves Netflix, your couch, and the latest hit show. The only thing more challenging than trying to keep up with this friend, the "fit freak," we'll call her, is figuring out what the heck to get her (or him, perhaps) for the holidays.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the perfect presents for your exercise-obsessed friend, sibling, partner, or coworker whose name you picked for a gift exchange. Whether they’re a yogi, runner, class-junkie, gym rat, triathloner, or outdoorsy type, here are the best gifts for every type of active person in your life. And if you're the fit freak? Feel free to pick something up for yourself, of course — or maybe just use this list as a way to drop a few hints.
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Photo: Courtesy of La Vie Boheme.
For The Yogi
She may be way more flexible than you’ll ever be, but when it comes to gifts for your yoga-loving friend, she definitely has her preferences. From essential props to cute clothes, here are some things on her wish list.

Pump up her practice with this colorful mat that’s sure to be the envy of her yoga class.

La Vie Boheme Medina Yoga Mat, $86, available at La Vie Boheme.
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Photo: Courtesy of Free People.
She’ll feel even more confident through every pose with this super-cute crisscross-back bra.

Free People
Black Moon Bra, $58, available at Free People.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spiritual Gangster.
Add a little yogi sass to her winter gear with this bold “karma” beanie.

Spiritual Gangster Karma Knit Beanie, $35, available at Spiritual Gangster.
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Photo: Courtesy of Beyond Yoga.
She’ll never want to take off these ridiculously soft (seriously, they feel like they’re made of velvet and butter) yoga leggings — making them perfect for class, errands, or just lounging around.

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Leggings, $97, available at Beyond Yoga.
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Photo: Courtesy of Yogitoes.
If your friend is obsessed with her weekly hot yoga class, this pretty mat towel will be her new fave prop.

Waterfall Mat Towel, $64, available at Yogitoes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Suburban Riot.
Whether she’s truly a greens devotee or just obsessed with Beyoncé (a.k.a. all of us), this soft sweatshirt is the perfect thing to throw on after she slays in class.

Suburban Riot Kale Sweatshirt, $64, available at Suburban Riot.
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For The Runner
Runners can be particular about their gear, for sure, but worry not. If you know nothing about running, we can help you out. From useful gear to fun running-themed gifts, these next few picks are sure to please anyone who loves to pound the pavement.

When the weather gets chilly, she can never have enough long-sleeved running shirts. This one adds a cute spin to her generic tees with a colorful ombré pattern.

Brooks Streaker Long Sleeve Running Shirt, $68, available at Brooks.
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Photo: Courtesy of Oiselle.
We all had day-of-the-week undies as tweens. This grown-up set is made for runners, with a pair of panties that spells out her daily workout, from long run to fartlek day (yes that’s a real thing, look it up!)

Oiselle Rundies, $65, available at Oiselle.
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Photo: Courtesy of Road Runner
This tried-and-true tool is called just “the stick" and it’s essential for any runner who wants to keep her muscles pain-free. Plus this travel-sized version of the classic stick is compact enough for her to take on the go. And don’t worry, we promise your running bud will be excited about this gift. In fact, she’ll think it’s thoughtful as hell.

Road Runner RPI Travel Stick, $27.99, available at Road Runner.
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Photo: Courtesy of Under Armour
Like the warm running shirt, she’ll be thrilled to get a pair of toasty leggings for her outdoor jogs. These Under Armour ones are not only great at keeping her dry and warm, but the fun colored stripes make them a chic addition to her running outfit.

Under Armour Cold Gear Leggings, $59.99, available at Under Armour.
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Help keep hair out of her face and ears nice and warm with this pretty Lulu headband. It has a ponytail hole, which is way more important than you think.

Lululemon Athletica Ear Warmer, $28, available at Lululemon Athletica.
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Photo: Courtesy of SpeedDraw.
For The Triathlete
She can run, swim, and bike like a boss. Basically she’s the definition of intense. Help support and fuel her impressive goals with any of these fun, yet functional, gifts.

Perfect for hydrating on the go, this easy-to-carry water bottle is perfect for convenient drinking during her races. Plus, the attached pouch can hold her keys, ID, and even phone. It’s like a cute clutch, but sportier.

SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Flask, $34.99, available at Nathan Sports.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gu.
Although it may seem disgusting to you, your triathloner friend will be psyched to get extra stock of this energy gel for her long races.

Gu Energy Gel, $34.80, available at Gu Energy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Garmin
This Garmin Forerunner is like the Rolex of sports watches. Since it’s waterproof and offers every tracking feature, from running distance to swimming pace, it’s often regarded as the best triathlon watch on the market.

Forerunner 920XT, $449.99, available at Garmin.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nike.
Who said sturdy sports bras can’t also look badass? This cool patterned Nike bra will keep her feeling strong and supported through all of her training.

Nike Pro Hyper Classic Sports Bra, $60, available at Nike.
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Photo: Courtesy of FlibBelt.
Run hands-free with this bright belt, which not only keeps your things from shaking around in pockets, but also makes sure that your pal's super-visible while she's out on a run.

FlibBelt Running Belt, $28.95, available at REI.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pure Barre.
For The Class Junkie
Cycling, barre, boxing, hip-hop cardio, aerial yoga — you name it, she’s tried it. So how could you possibly find something to please the girl who does it all (and can’t seem to make up her mind about what she likes)? Solution: Grab one of these gifts, which will keep her looking and feeling great, no matter which type of fitness is her flavor of the week.

If your buddy is into barre, she can never have too many of these sticky socks.

Pure Barre Sticky Socks, $12, available at Pure Barre.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
Just like she’s always trying to stay on top of the trendiest classes, her outfits obviously have to follow suit. These black leggings with mesh panels are basically the LBD of workout wear.

C9 Champion Embrace Must Have Tight, $34.99, available at Target.
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Photo: Courtesy of Alo.
Since she’ll need a hot top to go with her leggings, this draped cutout-back tank should do the trick.

Alo Dalia Tank, $52, available at Alo.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lululemon.
This chic bag is perfect for transitioning from the office to her class of the day to post-workout drinks with friends.

Lululemon Athletica All Day Tote, $128, available at Lululemon Athletica.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lively.
Whether she’s into barre, yoga, or just wants something equally comfortable and sexy to throw on post-class, this bralette is everything.

Lively Bralette, $35, available at Lively.
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Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.
For when she decides to be extra-ambitious and sign up for that 7 a.m. class, this copper French press (which will surely live up to her ‘grammable style standards) will be her new best friend.

Bodum Copper French Press, $50, available at Urban Outfitters.
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For The Outdoorsperson
If your friend is more “one with nature” than “gym rat,” she or he will be thrilled with any present these gifts for rugged hobbies.

This backpack is uber-functional and a much-loved item for nature-lovers and hipsters alike. If she’s both, bonus points!

Fjällräven Kanken Backpack, $75, available at Fjällräven.
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Photo: Courtesy of Primus.
If she loves going on impromptu camping trips, your friend will love this portable stove that’s totally equipped to cook up an outdoor feast. It look just as cool as it functions and it even comes with a convenient cutting board!

Primus Onja 2 Burner Stove, $139.95, available at REI.
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Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia
What outdoorsy lady doesn’t love adding a nice new Patagonia to her closet? Get her this ultra-soft fleece and she’ll be over the moon.

Patagonia R2 Fleece Jacket, $169, available at Patagonia.
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Photo: Courtesy of Paddywax.
She never has to feel like she’s left the forest (even when it’s way too cold for a camping trip) with the help of this candle, which smells like redwood and amber.

Redwood and Amber Woods Candle, $37, available at Paddywax.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bombas.
Every lover of the outdoors appreciates the importance of a solid pair of socks. Buy her these thick-yet-breathable cozy cotton socks to keep her feet cushioned and ankles protected during long hikes. Bonus: For each pair sold, Bombas donates one to a homeless shelter.

Calf Socks, $12, available at Bombas.
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For The CrossFit Fanatic
CrossFit may be a cult, but it’s one that works for your friend. Support her journey to becoming her “fittest self” with these items that will take her workouts to the next level.

For an original take on the generic jewelry gift, get her this cute necklace that features a kettlebell, weight plate, and dumbbell.

Weightlifting Necklace, $11.95, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Skullcandy
These sweat-proof, lightweight, wireless headphones will let her blast motivational tunes from the cardio machines to weight room, without that annoying wire getting in the way.

Skullcandy XTFree Wireless Headphones, $99.99, available at Skullcandy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Soma.
During a solid sweat sesh at the gym, it’s crucial she stays hydrated. Help do so in style with this sleek glass water bottle.

Soma Water Bottle, $30, available at Soma.
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Photo: Courtesy of Under Armour.
Let her show off her confidence and get an extra boost of fitspiration with this bold tank.

Under Armour
Strappy Tank, $29.99, available at Under Armour.
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Photo: Courtesy of Crane & Lion
These stylish and super-soft joggers are the perfect replacement for her go-to gym sweats. She can easily thrown them for a lighter workout day, post-exercise, or even with a pair of booties for a night out.

Crane & Lion Capri Joggers, $105, available at Crane & Lion.
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