30+ Rosie The Riveter Costumes That Scream "We Can Do It!"

Illustration by Isabel Castillo.
There's no better time to dress up as your favorite feminist than the present. What with our current, ahem, "election" with women's rights front and center, girl power is trending. That's why we're putting Rosie the Riveter on your radar for Halloween this year. Even though Rosie was a fictional character, she represented America's working women in factories and shipyards during World War II. And while not all heroes wear capes, some of them do wear red-and-white, polka-dot bandanas.
To sum it up, that's pretty much the only thing you'll need besides a denim work shirt, making Rosie the perfect option for a last-minute costume. It's quick, cost-effective, and you'll be the wokest partygoer of them all. "We can do it!" you'll shout as you mentally prepare to drag yourself through a haunted house. Or, in true Rosie form, absolutely annihilate every pumpkin in your path. Because feminism doesn't have time for pumpkins, okay? Let's get to work.
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Kendall Jenner made a fierce Rosie when she encouraged young people to exercise their 26th-amendment rights in a Rock the Vote campaign.
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It doesn't even need to be a bandana, but something red to hold back your hair is essential.
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Ben-Day dots look good on Rosie.
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Don't forget a crucial accessory: patriotism.
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Anchor your look with a pin.
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Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) even dressed up as Rosie for Halloween in Pawnee. And who doesn't love Leslie Knope?
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Industrial chic.
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Contemplating third-wave feminism, perhaps?
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Rosie and Frida, the ultimate girl-power duo.
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Bet you didn't see this one coming: Rosie meets Tinker Bell.
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Don't be afraid to roll up those sleeves and show off your muscles. Or your pink nail polish.
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Color-coordination goals.
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She gets props for going all out and contrasting her factory romper with a pair of heels.
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Yes ma'am, it is.
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In lieu of a bandana, check out this checkered number.
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Optimal background.
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A nautical rendition!
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What's better than one Rosie? Two.
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We see you, Bey.
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Did we mention that the red bandana goes perfectly with a Canadian tuxedo?
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Pro tip: Thrift stores are your friend.
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Straight out of 1943.
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Hair-tie game as strong as that bicep.
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Major costume points if you're accompanied by a member of the Army.
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Check out Pintrill for some accoutrements to your denim work shirt.
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Rosie's going-out attire.
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Strong Bettie Page bangs.
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Love the picket signs — but also, #squadgoals.
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Feminist BFFs.
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Who knew this was such a great group costume?
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Don't forget your tools.

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