We're Calling It: These 15 Items Will Be A Thing This Fall

"Is that a thing?"

If you haven't started saying it yourself, you've probably heard that phrase thrown around. These days, nothing is anything until it's "a thing." It may sound petty, but calling a trend or item "a thing" carries a lot of weight. It means it's relevant, happening, popular — it's in the zeitgeist.

Often, it's something questionable. It's usually something you can hardly believe could ever become "a thing," hence the question above to demand clarity. Racer-inspired jackets? Are those a thing? Yep. Have you been seeing velvet booties everywhere? Yes, that makes them a thing.

We're rounding up 15 trends and items that are sure to be "a thing" as fall continues. Click on to understand the concept.
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Graphic Long-Sleeved Tees
The rise of skater-inspired merch is only going to get stronger into fall, so don't be surprised if you start seeing different variations of long-sleeved tees with graphic lettering down the sleeves. They're a thing.

Carhartt WIP L/S Maximum Reach T-Shirt, $65, available at Carhartt-wip.com.
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Circle Zippers
There's something so irresistible to us about a perfectly mod circle-pull zipper. They make anything look more expensive. Yep, circle zips are totally a thing.

Rachel Roy Hillary Dress, $139 $103.99, available at Rachel Roy.
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Burnt Orange
We started noticing this color on the runways a few seasons back, so it's about time it really hits the masses and becomes a thing. Embrace burnt orange as your new neutral for fall.

Loéil Fawya Coat, $216, available at Loéil.
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The High-Neck Cutout
It's not just you — this new cutout that falls right at the chest underneath a high neck is everywhere, which means it's kind of a thing.

Missguided Choker Curve Hem Bodycon Dress, $37.40, available at Missguided.
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Racing-Inspired Jackets
NASCAR is trending — well, sort of. Get your hot wheels ready, because jackets with contrasting shoulder panels, racer patches, and colorblocking are totally a thing.

Hyein Seo Embroidered Corduroy Jacket, $700, available at VFILES.
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Vintage Bags
The new It bag is one that no one else can have, because it's vintage and one-of-a-kind. So skip the splurge on an expensive designer bag, because vintage scores are way more of a thing.

Petra Von Kant Koret Woven Purse, $92, available at Petra Von Kant.
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Knit Polos
Start digging through your local thrift store now, because '80s knit polos are a thing this season. They'll be everywhere, from high-end boutiques to fast-fashion favorites.

Simply Be Knitted Tee, $49.49, available at Simply Be.
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Even Wider-Leg Jeans
We've been longtime fans of abandoning the skinny jean, but now it's getting pushed even further. The return of the JNCO is almost a thing.

JNCO Black Hypnotix, $69.90, available at JNCO.
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Velvet Booties
It's fall's favorite texture. Now, it's making its way down to your feet. Velvet booties will be a thing well through winter, especially in deep jewel tones.
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Silky Staples
Pajama dressing is in full force, which means even pieces like outerwear aren't immune to the silk treatment. The good news is with this "thing," you'll be comfy as can be.

Missguided Satin Bomber Jacket, $59.50, available at Missguided.
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Mesh Layers
It's a big thing right now to layer a mesh long-sleeved top under your tanks or slip dresses.

Universal Standard Thames Fog Dress, $60, available at Universal Standard.
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Cargo Comeback
All-cargo everything is on the upswing, so start shopping for all things army green with big pockets, because we're betting that look is going to be a big thing in no time at all.

INC Belted Cargo Skirt, $79.50 $47.70, available at Macy's.
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Prints Made For Clashing
You may be tempted to keep it simple on top with a loud printed pant like these. But now, it's a thing to clash your prints as much as possible. These call to be paired with a bold stripe or other contrasting pattern.

Eloquii Printed Cropped Pant, $79.90, available at Eloquii.
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Off-The-Shoulder Bombers
Can't say we saw this one coming, but two of the biggest trends as of late have come together to form the off-the-shoulder bomber jacket, which is already becoming a thing for transitional weather.

Pixie Market Navy Bomber Jacket, $84, available at Pixie Market.
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Nostalgic Brand Comebacks
First, Juicy tracksuits. Now, Esprit. Who's next? Time will tell, but one thing's for sure: These nostalgic brand comebacks are becoming a thing.

Esprit By Opening Ceremony Logo Tee, $60, available at Opening Ceremony.

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