Sophie Turner Disses, Dismisses Column Attacking Emma Watson

Loyal readers will know that we are quick to sing Sophie Turner's praises. But, in our defense, she makes singing her praises extremely easy.

The Game of Thrones star tweeted in defense of fellow British actress Emma Watson after The Sun published an editorial attacking Watson's contribution to the fight for gender equality.

Rod Liddle, associate editor of The Spectator, wrote an article decrying Watson's speech at the U.N. as "rigid with whining, leftie, PC crap." It also included the term "luvvie slebs," which we don't care to learn about but will assume isn't anything nice. All this days before Watson herself released a feminist video about overcoming obstacles.

So one can see how Turner might see that and decide she didn't like it. She responded as Sansa, her character on the popular television series Game of Thrones, might.
Of course, were this Game of Thrones she would probably then be stabbed in the back by assassins. Good thing we're in reality, and not a fictional TV show.

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