This Fan Theory Might Have Unlocked The Mr. Robot Finale

Last night's Mr. Robot episode, the season's penultimate, raised more questions than it answered. (There are spoilers in this post, so deal with it.)

We learned, for example, that Tyrell Wellick is still alive. Maybe. We think. Elliot himself is far from sure. We also learned that Phase 2 of the Dark Army's plan is about to begin. And that Elliot and Tyrell have been engaged in the planning of this phase for some time, presumably during the times that Elliot was taken over by Mr. Robot.

So, we looked to the promo for hints. One eagle-eyed redditor noticed something strange behind Tyrell: The map he's standing in front of at 0:19.

Here, see for yourself.
If it doesn't jump out at you, that's because you aren't intimately familiar with the layout of U.S. nuclear facilities. Here are three different maps.

Spooky right?

The most likely scenario is some kind of nuclear hack. Since the last one essentially nuked the economy, why not literally nuke America? Besides the whole "creating an unlivable hellscape in which nobody is safe" thing, of course.

Whatever happens, we can't wait for the finale.

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