30 iPhone 7 Accessories To Buy Now — & One To Wait On

The iPhone 7 may not be a mystery anymore, but the hype surrounding it is far from gone. Now that we know what it looks like (hello, new camera) and what's missing (farewell, headphone jack), third-party companies can get started on creating accessories galore.

And get started they have. New cases! New bedside charging docks! And yes, for those who don't want to invest in Apple's wireless AirPods, there are plenty of other wireless earbud options out there, too.

While your choice of iPhones is difficult — do you opt for the now-classic rose gold or go with the glossy new jet black? — figuring out which accessories to purchase is far easier. After all, reasonable price points mean you can get more than one case for different occasions.

Click through for 30 of our favorite accessories — and one product we recommend holding off on purchasing.

This piece originally ran September 8, 2016.
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Photo: Courtesy Mophie.
Buy: Mophie Hold Force Base Case, $39.95

This looks like a regular iPhone case, but thanks to a built-in magnet on the back, it transforms into so much more. Buy additional magnetic attachments, such as a folio or a wallet, for under $20, and you'll have all your essentials at your fingertips, no purse needed.
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Photo: Belkin.
Buy: Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar, $39.99

Belkin's connector solves that whole "I can't listen to music and charge my iPhone at the same time" dilemma. Multitaskers everywhere, rejoice.
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Photo: Zero Gravity.
Buy: Zero Gravity Orion iPhone 7 Case, $30

Reach for the stars every time you reach for your phone with this intricate gold case. A raised portion on the front of the case gives you the protective edge.
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Photo: Courtesy HP.
Buy: HP Sprocket, $129.99

HP's shiny new pocket printer is the instant photo sharing device you didn't know you needed. Connect the printer — which is so small it fits in one hand — to your iPhone via Bluetooth and choose an image from your photo gallery, Facebook photos, or Instagram photos to print in mini 2-by-3-inch form. The printer's paper has ink embedded into it (meaning, you don't need to load a separate ink cartridge), and has a sticky back, so you can put photos on notebooks or pass them out at parties.
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Photo: Kate Spade.
Buy: Kate Spade Le Pavillion Dot iPhone 7 Case, $40

Leave it to Kate Spade to put a polka dot spin on your phone. The hot pink edging is just the right amount of color.
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Photo: Native Union.
Buy: Native Union Dock+ Lightning, $59.99

Native Union's take on the bedside charging dock has a sleek touch of metallic. Each dock (three colors are available) also comes with a pretty braided connecting cord to match.
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Photo: Wattz Up.
Buy: Wattz Up Pizza Charger, $39.99

Our preferred power source: pizza. Bring it to your phone with a portable charger that masquerades as a slice of the good stuff.
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Photo: Courtesy Speck.
Buy: Speck Presidio Clear & Print iPhone 7 Cases, $44.95

Speck added colorful prints to its best-selling clear case, which earned accolades for its ability to resist yellowing over time. The new designs are printed on an inner layer so that they won't scratch off.
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Photo: Courtesy Case-Mate.
Buy: Case-Mate Gilded Glass Screen, $35

Who said screen protectors had to be completely clear? This Case-Mate model has a stylish metallic pattern etched along the top and bottom for a little extra flair.
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Photo: Fab.
Buy: MiPow Power Tube Lightning Charger, $49.99

This portable charger includes the necessary lightning connector, so you don't have to worry about tangling (and breaking) your cords in your bag. You can also pair it with your phone to use as a selfie remote.
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Photo: Fab.
Buy: CliqueFie Mini Selfie Stick, $29.99

Don't let your dog get the wrong idea. This "stick" is really a selfie stick in disguise. It's super small and can pop in your bag or clutch, so you won't be the annoying person shouldering one around.
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Photo: Courtesy Sonix.
Buy: Sonix Bisous, $45

Give your phone some lip — and an extra 16 hours of battery life. This portable charger with built-in lightning connector brings the attitude.
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Photo: Apple.
Buy: Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case, $45

It's the same case that's been available for previous iPhone models. The leather is high quality and ages nicely.
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Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Buy: Apple iPhone Lightning Dock, $49

Keep this charging dock by your bedside or next to your computer. Your iPhone plugs in via its Lightning connector, so you won't have any tangled cords making a mess.
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Photo: Courtesy Otterbox.
Buy: Otterbox iPhone 7 Alpha Glass Screen Protector, $39.95

If you're iPhone 6's screen cracked more than once, it's time to try a screen protector for your 7 — nobody wants to make more trips to the Apple Store (and shell out extra $$$) than necessary. This protector can be easily applied to your screen and keeps it from shattering and getting scratched.
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Photo: Courtesy Caseology.
Buy: Caseology iPhone 7 Case Titan, $16.99

If you put your phone through some tough situations, Caseology's heavy-duty Titan case will keep your new purchase protected.
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Photo: Courtesy Casetify.
Buy: Casetify Pink Glaze Donut iPhone 7 Case, $40

Jelly-filled doughnut love aside, this shock-absorbing case will protect your shiny new iPhone from falls. It's one of the thinnest out there, adding just 2.3 mm in width when its on your phone. And good news: The matte-printed finish means you won't see fingerprint marks all over it. Doughnut wait on this one (sorry, we had to).
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Photo: Courtesy Native Union.
Buy: Native Union TAG Cable, $49.99.

This little guy has been around for a couple of months now — and we're already using ours incessantly. Loop it onto your purse so that you're never missing a cable. Then, when you do need to plug in, just pull out the lighting connector from its little leather pouch.
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Photo: Courtesy Tech21.
Buy: Tech21 Evo Wallet Case, $49.95

This case has a detachable wallet that can hold two cards. Plus, it adds barely any weight or width to your phone when on. Now, you can go places without having to bring a separate bag to carry your phone and wallet.
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Photo: Courtesy Case-Mate.
Buy: Case-Mate iPhone 7 Plus Case Naked Tough - Iridescent, $35

There are pretty cases and there are gorgeous cases. This is the latter. It wins our pick on iridescent points alone. The fact that the case also includes military-grade protection and anti-scratch technology is a bonus.
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Photo: Courtesy Case-Mate.
Buy: Case-Mate iPhone 7 Plus Folio Wristlet, $60

There's no reason not to upgrade your iPhone 6 wristlet to one that fits the iPhone 7. This version has room for your credit cards, ID, and cash in addition to your phone, so you're prepared for post-work mojitos and beyond.
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Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Hold Off On: Apple AirPods, pre-order for $159

The internet has taken to mocking Apple's AirPods mercilessly, and, to a certain extent, it's understandable. They look a little bizarre, aren't the most comfortable when in the ear (in our hands-on time with the new buds), and if one does fall out, that's $159 down the drain. Instead of shelling out for these and an iPhone 7 upgrade, consider the pairs on the next few slides, first.
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Photo: Courtesy Altec Lansing.
Instead, Buy: Altec Lansing In-Ear Sport Headphones, $59.99

Compared to the $159 price of Apple's new wireless EarPods, these headphones are a steal. They're not totally wireless — the wire sits comfortably behind your neck — meaning that your chances of misplacing them are far lower. Plus, multiple soft earpieces allow you to find the ones that fit perfectly in your ear. In our month of trying them, we never had an issue with them feeling uncomfortable or with sound quality.
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Photo: Courtesy Earin.
Instead, Buy: Earin True Wireless Earbuds, $199.

If you're going to invest in truly wireless earbuds, we recommend this pair from Earin. Yes, they're slightly more expensive than Apple's AirPods, but they also fit more comfortably in your ear (thanks to foam tips) and pair easily to your iPhone via Bluetooth. The case they sit in charges them, and the whole package fit in your pocket — just pop them in when you're done listening.

You can also monitor the battery and adjust the bass and sound level for each earbud through an accompanying app.
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Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Instead, Buy: BeatsX Earphones, $149.95

Beats goes minimalist and wireless with the brand-new X line coming out this fall. The eight-hour battery and sleek, simple design makes this purchase a no-brainer for someone who wants the freedom of wireless earbuds, without the threat of losing them.
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Photo: Courtesy Urbanears.
Instead, Buy: Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless, $99

Urbanears' new powder-pink, wireless headphones feature an easy-to-use, swipe-based interface. You can switch songs, answer calls, and change the volume by tapping the earpiece. Plus, the band is washable, so you don't have to worry about it getting dirty.
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Photo: Courtesy Mophie.
Buy: Mophie Power Capsule, $39.95

A tiny case for tiny wearables. Mophie's Power Capsule can charge your wireless earbuds, Fitbit, or Apple Watch for up to 60 extra hours with its embedded battery.
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Photo: Courtesy Samsung.
Instead, Buy: Samsung Gear IconX, $199.99

One look at these might make you think we're crazy. They're even smaller than AirPods! But hear us out. These tiny earbuds have a winged tip that wraps securely around your ear, ensuring that they don't fall out even whether you're running in the park or walking to work. They're also touch sensitive: Tapping them can change the volume, song choice, and more.
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Photo: Courtesy Wicked Audio.
Buy: Wicked Audio Reach, $19.99

If you have wired earbuds and don't want to use the lightning connector that comes with the iPhone 7, use this device instead. You plug your headphones into the jack here, and then connect this iPod shuffle-sized device to your phone via Bluetooth. Then, you're all set for five hours of almost wireless, headphone-based music streaming.
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Photo: Amazon.
Buy: Spigen AirPods Strap, $9.99

If you do decide to buy AirPods, buy this wire cable connector. It fits around each earpiece and hangs behind your neck so that you'll be sure not to lose those pricey buds.
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Photo: Brookstone.
Buy: Brookstone Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones, $149.99

These limited edition wireless headphones come at a high price, but knowing that you can repurpose them for Halloween makes the cost easier to stomach. Plus, the cat ears double as speakers when you want everyone to move "Side to Side."

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