The Most Random People Celebrities Follow On Instagram

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Kanye West only follows one person on Twitter. This says a lot about him. It means that every time the rapper, designer, and self-proclaimed genius logs onto Twitter for a casual rant, the only tweets he sees are those of his wife, Kim Kardashian West. (That's true love at its finest.)

So, after considering West's approach to social media, I did a little investigating to find out who, exactly, the most interesting celebrities follow with their accounts. Celebrity Instagram feeds might be carefully curated (with the help of a small team), but I like to think that who they follow is actually up to them. In a world where celebrities are constantly monitoring their image, follow lists provide a glimpse into what they might really be into. Plus, it's fun to imagine why they follow who they do.

For example, Drake follows Hilary Duff. Did he, at one time, maybe have a crush on her? Is he just a fan of Lizzie McGuire? Or maybe Younger? Did he meet her at an event and think, "Damn, I need to follow this girl on Instagram!"? Imagine the possibilities!

Ahead, join us on this journey down the celebrity-follow-list rabbit hole.
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Drake follows Hilary Duff
The idea of Drake watching a young Duff star in Lizzie McGuire is all I’ve ever needed.
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Lindsay Lohan follows Ariana Grande
What do you think Lohan’s go-to Grande song is?
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Eva Mendes follows Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer
The Broad City girls were among Mendes’ first follows when she debuted her Instagram in March of 2015. She hasn't appeared in projects with either of them, but clearly has an amazing sense of humor.
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Kris Jenner follows Tina Knowles
Jenner is obviously getting tips from Knowles, the OG momager.
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Taylor Swift follows Ina Garten
The two appeared on Food Network together and bonded over Swift's love of Garten's signature Stars and Stripes cake. Makes sense, since we all know how much Swift loves the Fourth of July.
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Tyler Perry follows Jen Selter
Selter is Instagram-famous for her butt and #seltering. Mmk, Perry.
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Emma Roberts follows Kirby Jenner
Kirby Jenner is dedicated to Kendall Jenner's so-called "fraternal twin," Kirby. It's a spoof-account created by a bearded guy who photoshops himself into all of Kendall's photos.
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Gigi Hadid follows John Isner
The model was hilariously shaded by the pro tennis player Isner on Twitter. I guess they hashed it out.
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Gwen Stefani follows a Gwen and Blake fan account
Stefani is a fan of her own relationship.
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Kaley Cuoco follows Long Island Medium
It's a known fact that Cuoco is a proud member of Bachelor Nation — enough so that rumors were swirling that she herself would eventually join the cast. But it seems she has a broad appreciation for reality television because she's also a fan of Long Island Medium.
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Katy Perry follows That Looks Like A Dick
Perry is a fan of the faux dick-pic.
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Serena Williams follows Colton Haynes
It's unclear how Williams would have initiated a friendship with Haynes, who starred in MTV's Teen Wolf, but they are total besties. They even dressed up together for Halloween last year. (They were both Elsa.)
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Samuel L. Jackson follows Daddy Issues, Betches, and Girl With No Job
Jackson loves a good meme. That is incredible information.
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Ariana Grande follows NASA.
No space cadets here! Grande goes straight to the source for her science news.
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Lady Gaga follows James Franco
This seems random at first, but think you think about it and you're like yes. Of course these two multitalented stars are chummy. Here's a throwback selfie to prove it.
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Zac Efron follows Wiz Khalifa
If you put aside the fact that they once played Battlefield against each other, it's not so surprising that Efron would be a Khalifa fan. After all, he did play a partying frat bro in Neighbors, and Khalifa's songs are a fixture at college parties.
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Lorde follows Ronda Rousey
Lorde just appreciates a strong, ass-kicking chick.
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Martha Stewart follows Beyoncé
This just makes sense. Who doesn't love Beyoncé? I love the idea of Stewart double-tapping on Bey's pictures.
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Nicki Minaj follows Lisa Vanderpump
It's unclear when Minaj starting following the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules star, but their online friendship could have been spurred from a mutual disdain for fellow reality-TV star, Farrah Abraham.
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Miley Cyrus follows Vice President Joe Biden
The two also both appeared at the World AIDS event in December of last year, which likely sparked Miley's Instagram follow. Biden does not follow back.
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Rihanna follows Chloe Grace Moretz
Moretz has been a loyal member of the Navy since 2012. I guess Rihanna noticed and gave her a follow-back.
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Robert Downey Jr. follows Leighton Meester
No one saw The Judge so you probably don't know that these two crossed paths when Downey Jr.'s character hooked up with Meester's, who turns out to be his former sweetheart's daughter. Oh, what a wicked web script writers weave.
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Chrissy Teigen follows Fuck Jerry
We already know that Teigen gives zero fucks and loves a good meme.
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Lauren Conrad follows BrianLovesSoda
I guess Conrad knows someone named Brian who lurves soda.
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Selena Gomez follows Chris Daughtry
Don’t remember Daughtry? That’s okay. He was the 4th place contestant on the 5th season of American Idol, but quickly released an album after his elimination, thus carving out a spot for himself in the country rock scene. He and Gomez both played on the same team during a charity event in 2015, and like the kind soul that she is, she gave him a follow-back after he shared a photo of them together.
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James Franco follows Yoko Ono
Franco probably followed her around the time he and Seth Rogen spoofed the iconic photograph of Ono with her late husband, John Lennon.
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Gabrielle Union follows Watch What Happens Live
Union has appeared on the popular Bravo after show; she must have really enjoyed her time participating in the gab sesh with host Andy Cohen.
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Brie Larson follows Pizza
Yes, it's a verified Instagram account dedicated to pictures of pizza. Because honestly, who doesn’t love pizza?
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Kim Kardashian follows Rachel Roy
After listening to Lemonade, it's safe to say that Kardashian was among the many fans who wanted to know if Roy was “Becky with the good hair.”
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Beyoncé and Oprah follow no one
Who could possibly inspire the two most inspirational women in the world? I would only suggest that they at least follow each other.

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