Tiffany Trump Reminds People Of Hannah Montana

The Republican National Convention has been generating a lot of news this week. So you shouldn't feel bad if you missed the most important one — that Hannah Montana was seen on stage. Well, not Hannah Montana herself, but a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to the fictional singer — Tiffany Trump.
Trump's daughter Tiffany was launched into the public eye when she gave a speech praising her father at the RNC on July 19. And Twitter users responded swiftly by comparing her to Miley Cyrus and her blond alter ego. Those who were reminded of Montana focused on Tiffany's voice, rather than on her also Montana-esque long, blond hair. And some see Tiffany and think of Vanessa Bayer's SNL spoof of Miley Cyrus rather than the singer herself.
Tiffany does have something in common with Hannah Montana besides the passing resemblance. They're both singers; Tiffany has released her own single, E! reports. Maybe she should cover "The Climb?"

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