The Game of Thrones Behind The Scenes Photo You Can't Unsee

Last month's Game of Thrones finale left fans with loads of questions: Will the Stark kids ever be reunited? Will Olenna Tyrell get her revenge? Who will rule Westeros in the end? Unfortunately, a new behind the scenes photo doesn't answer any of those questions (sorry), though it does answer another — what's under The Mountain's helmet?
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, a.k.a. The Mountain, shared a photo on Twitter revealing what Cersei's Lannister's zombie servant's face looks like now. And apparently, he really hasn't been using his moisturizer.
The Mountain's heavily rotted face seems pretty time-consuming for a makeup job that's always going to be hidden behind a helmet (at least for the viewers). Does the fact that they didn't slap on some pale power and call it a day mean his face will eventually be revealed to the audience? Based on Septa Unella's reaction to his full face at the end of this season, maybe we should all keep our fingers crossed that he keeps the helmet on.

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