Reimagining Fashion Ad Campaigns With Pokémon Characters

Ever since Pokémon Go came out, the trading card game of our past has reentered pretty much every part of the present. So, though it's been around for quite some time, the Tumblr Pokémon and fashion has made a resurgence.

As Fashionista reports, the site contains famous fashion ad campaigns with Pokémon characters accompanying the models. By combining the cartoons with ads from designers such as Prada and Louis Vuitton, it perfectly mixes high and low culture.

Furret, Teddiursa, and Meowth pile together on a couch for a Chanel ad. Clefairy pops up from behind an ice cream cone alongside two Mulberry models. And Slowpoke, Oddish, and Jumpluff are all over Fernanda Ly in her Vogue Australia shoot.


Brock even takes Kanye West's place in a Balmain ad.

Francis, the artist behind the Tumblr, describes himself on Twitter as a "fashion and Pokémon loving individual who runs a blog that combines the two." Something like this needed to exist in the world, and we're glad he took it upon himself to create it.

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