Why Does Kylie Jenner Want Us To Think She Married Tyga?

Update: With one snap, Kylie Jenner has managed to set the internet rumor mill into overdrive. The Lip Kit queen recently posted a video of her hand to Snapchat.
Sounds boring, yes? Except for the part where she's wearing a HUGE glittery ring, which closely resembles the diamond engagement ring Blac Chyna posted to Instagram when she and Rob Kardashian announced their engagement.

Jenner was also spotted wearing the same sparkler in an Instagram photo.

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

So, are Jenner and Tyga really going to be Mr. and Mrs.?

Reports say no, the couple is not engaged. Relax, internet. Jenner is just trolling you ahead of her next Lip Kit launch on July 15. Well played, Kylie.
This story was originally published on July 8, 2016.

Kylie Jenner definitely wants us to know she's back together with her former ex Tyga. The 18-year-old posted a photo on Instagram of herself and the rapper snuggling together to celebrate July 4. But now it seems she is implying even bigger news — that they've made things official and tied the knot.
Jenner captioned a photo of them she posted to Facebook on July 8, "Mr. & Mrs." Still, it seems unlikely that Jenner would follow up a secret wedding with a relatively low-key appearance at the PrettyLittleThing USA launch party, where E! News reports the photo was taken.

Maybe this is a new Facebook trend, like listing your BFF as your sibling? Or maybe Jenner just wanted to be crystal-clear about how serious the newly renewed relationship is this time around.

Or, there's still the distant, not-really-plausible possibility that Jenner has found the most understated way to announce she's a married woman. Be on the lookout for a gift registry posted to her Snapchat.


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