Lauren Conrad's Last Google Search Is Ridiculously On Brand

Lauren Conrad has a very refined personal style. From her clothes and makeup to her home decor and garden parties, the woman is the epitome of classy-chic. And apparently, that sense of style extends to her dental hygiene as well. During a chat with E!'s Catt Saddler, Conrad revealed the last thing she Googled. "A gold-plated toothbrush," she said a little sheepishly. "It was like eight bucks!" she laughed. "It's not real gold."
Honestly, without L.C., how would we even know these marvelous things existed? A couple other tidbits we learned about Conrad, besides her luxurious taste in toothbrushes? She loves sleep, but she's not big on naps. Who has time for naps when there are so many important things to be Googled?

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