Here's Why Mindy Kaling Loves White Male Haters

Mindy Kaling is easy to love. Her characters throughout her powerhouse career have always been on-point. This Kelly Kapoor quote may well be the best thing ever said on The Office. And when she got her own show, The Mindy Project, we were all in. Of course, it had to move to Hulu to finish its run and it did so as gradually and ecstatically as Mindy runs a mile.

The show recently wrapped its fourth season and Mindy celebrated with some office muffins. That’s why she’s the queen.

Naturally, they were all eaten. Then she got real about how much she enjoys white male tears. Although it’s unclear whether or not she enjoys people of other races or genders shading her, she enjoys it when white men do so. As Katt Williams said, “You need haters” because “haters used to want good shit.


She makes a good point. Typically the shows that get the guilty pleasure tag are produced by, for, and about women. Look at Shondaland, for example. Though her shows have huge followings, none of them get the love that, say, Mad Men does. Is it because they’re any less compelling or less popular? Or is there some soft misogyny at play?

Whatever the reason, with The Mindy Project renewed at least through season five, Kaling will have plenty of time to collect those White Male Tears

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