Your July Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Let freedom ring! But please don't forget your fam in the process. The Fourth of July comes with a new moon in cozy, sentimental Cancer, which isn't exactly a recipe for independence. How to keep the ties that bind strong without getting tangled up in a web of apron strings? Figuring out a healthy balance between "me" and "we" is one of the month's challenges — especially while the sun hangs out in the Crab's shell until the 22nd. The urge to merge will definitely be strong — but also sexy, since passion planet Mars is slinking through sultry Scorpio for all of July. And on the 6th, his co-star Venus will hop on set for a sexy scene that could melt every Popsicle in the Good Humor truck. Keep a strict privacy policy in place, though! Love affairs should not be televised — or even made Instagram official — until couples have had a chance to revel in the sultry secret for a while.

Keeping it on the low will be hard after the 12th, though — with basically everything. The Leo party begins that day, as cosmic coquette Venus enters the lion's den, followed by expressive Mercury on the 13th. Social media feeds that went dark in July's first half could suddenly be blowing up with FOMO-inducing photos, style posts, lip syncs, and makeup tutorials. The sun heads into Leo for a month on the 22nd, inciting even more riotous flamboyance. All the world is a stage during Leo season — a time that reminds us each to tap into our natural gifts and shout them out to the world (instead of being cast as an extra — hell to the no!).

Keep it pro on the 19th, though! The year's only full moon in Capricorn raises the roof on our ambition levels. The (glass) ceiling can't hold you under these moonbeams. But if trying to win, win, win no matter what is bringing you down, let this enterprising full moon inspire you to blaze your own trail, like these superstars. With the sun in Cancer — the sign associated with women — until the 22nd, July is basically a sequel to Women's History Month. Find your inner feminist and fly!

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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
June 21 to July 22
You're too blessed to be stressed this July, Cancer. It's your birthday season after all — a time to flaunt your magic and rush fearlessly after your dreams. While the sun is in your sign until the 22nd, your confidence is at its yearly high, inspiring your risk-averse sign to take more chances. The new moon in Cancer falls on July Fourth, bringing a double shot of liberating energy. Clean house of friendships, hobbies, and commitments that drain your joie de vivre; then, invest in your own creative growth. Take private guitar lessons, book a photo shoot for new profile pics, enlist a friend with graphic design skills to make a logo for you. With beautifying Venus and messenger Mercury also hovering in your sign for the first half of the month, sprinkle some makeover magic into your wardrobe too. (And, of course, pose for picture-perfect Instas with these foolproof tips.) Let your "outré" out to play — your creative sign has quite the flair for fashion, and you could wind up setting a new trend.

White-hot Mars is pulsing through Scorpio and your passionate fifth house all month, providing ample opportunities for romantic adventure. Eff demure, Cancer. This Mars cycle is all about leading the way in love. On the 6th, Venus will form a golden triangle (a trine, to astrologers) with Mars. This will be one of 2016's luckiest days in love for you! And your steady pursuit could turn a casual affair into an exclusive commitment by the 19th, when the full moon in Capricorn shoots through your seventh house of relationships. Coupled Cancers could deepen their bond, moving in together or even getting engaged.

Work and finances become more of a focus starting on the 12th, when creative Venus flows into Leo and your second house of work until August 5. One day later, thoughtful Mercury follows suit, touring Leo until July 30. You won't be able to take your mind off your money — nor should you. Chiming in with ideas at the morning meetings could position you as the office superstar. Just make sure they're backed up with solid data and a few initial action steps. Practical magic will get you everywhere in July's second half. When the sun hits Leo for a month on the 22nd, you might even shop around for a new job or sit down with your boss or HR to discuss "growth opportunities" within the existing company. Polish up your work wardrobe, too. Investing in a few chic basics can give you the pop of professionalism that inspires other people's confidence in you.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
July 23 to August 22
Set your status to "Away," Leo. With the sun on sabbatical in your 12th house of rest and rejuvenation until July 22, you need a time-out from life's pressures and demands. Retreat — to a poolside lounger, beach cottage, or your air-conditioned girl cave at Chateau Leo — and let someone else be the center of attention for a couple weeks. (Don't worry, your understudies will never actually replace you for the role.) With motivator Mars in your domestic fourth house all month, you might use the time to search for a new apartment or spruce up the one you already live in. Mars energy can be agitating, so pass on the rental with the bedroom window facing a noisy street — and if a roomie's been acting up, deliver a warning (or reserve a U-Haul in her name...bye!). On the 6th, however, cosmic copilots Venus and Mars sway into a heart-opening dance. Hugging it out is a possibility, but don't skip the discussion about boundaries because this can save you from repeat disasters.

Everything is illuminated on the 12th, when radiant Venus makes her annual stopover to Leo until August 5. If a love affair fizzled earlier this summer, remember that rejection is the universe's protection. Move on, because bright options are just a swipe away. With expressive Mercury joining Venus in Leo from July 13 to 30, your magnetism shoots to the moon. Attracting people is the easy part now — figuring out which ones are worthy is the challenge. You'll know near the 20th, when stable Saturn fist-bumps Venus and helps you map out your long game in love. Real talk: It's better to have no one than the wrong one!

Birthday season begins on the 22nd, refreshing your feed in every way. Embrace the new and invest in your own development. You might even do a "branding refresh" with a stylist or graphic designer who can help you polish up your presentation. With the full moon in success-driven Capricorn spurring you on this July 19, you could be networking or circulating your résumé sooner than you think — even if you're applying for a promotion at your existing job. Schedule your doctors' appointments near this full moon. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
August 23 to September 22
So many people, so little time. Your popularity is skyrocketing this July as the sun blazes through Cancer and your 11th house of community until the 22nd. Expand your horizons by mixing it up with new friend groups and participating in online threads where you could click with kindred spirits. July Fourth's new moon sounds the call for independent socializing. Free yourself from obligations and party-hop to your heart's content. You could meet your tribe at a rooftop barbecue or outdoor dance party.

And with mojo-boosting Mars in Scorpio and your flirtatious third house, you won't exactly be in the mood to give up your single status. Anyone who wants to be your arm candy has got to be fun — a festival buddy and bedroom buddy rolled into one. Don't hang on too hard to that final rose, oh Virgo Bachelorette. On the 6th, a lucky angle between Mars and Venus could bring an auspicious right swipe or an introduction to The One via mutual friends. In a relationship? Socialize more as a couple, and don't get freaked out if things seem more, uh, sibling-like, for a couple weeks. On July 12, Venus heads into Leo and your fantasy-fueled 12th house until August 5, putting you back into a poetic and passionate headspace. You'll certainly be less defensive — just be careful not to rock the rose-colored glasses so hard that you ignore red flags in relationships or on dates. This Venus cycle can actually bring some beneficial conversations about swept-under-the-rug issues or a transformational couples' therapy session — especially since communicative Mercury will also be in Leo after the 13th, followed by the confidence-boosting sun from the 22nd on. Schedule your beach vacations for after the 22nd, when you'll basically feel like escaping from the pressures of the world.

Calling all Virgo media mavens! Mars in the third house can sharpen your innate talents with words, systems, trivia, and codes. You'll find it easy to absorb new information or to spread the word through your own blog, podcast, or Instagram feed. Freshen up your online profiles and even build your own website (hello, Squarespace) to help with personal branding and marketing. You could make a killer career connection as a result of your self-promotion during the fame-boosting full moon on the 19th!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
September 23 to October 22
Poolside power lunch, anyone? With a posse of planets in formation in Cancer and your 10th house of success, you may have to combine your "summering" with the hum of productivity. Your July Fourth celebrations might even double as networking events, thanks to the new moon that dovetails with Independence Day. Select your barbecue circuit strategically. A casual setting can help you cleverly break the ice with an influencer. With go-getter Mars percolating in Scorpio and your second house of money all month, you are definitely in touch with your inner Kris Jenner. And on the 6th, an auspicious summit between Venus and Mars could vault you into a leadership position. Gather your Kylies, Kendalls, and Kims: With you at the helm this month, everyone will profit.

The 10th house also rules men: Guys could be the star players in your July forecast while the sun is in Cancer until the 22nd. When was the last time you legit had a conversation with your dad, brother, or a male colleague that you interface with on the daily? Schedule a FaceTime — if not some actual face time — this month.

On the 12th, Venus launches into Leo and your 11th house of teamwork and tech until August 5. Messenger Mercury follows one day later, zipping through Leo from July 13 to 30. Your right-swiping finger has the Midas touch, Libra, so if you're looking for love don't roll your eyes at dating apps (even if your sensually acute sign does need live interactions to confirm compatibility). You could also meet your match through mutual friends, so say yes to group hangs...not that anyone has to twist your butterfly wing! If you're in a relationship, this Venus-Mercury phase is an ideal time for socializing as a couple. Set up a shared calendar, so you can track each other's busy lives and coordinate the roster of concerts, parades, festivals, and group getaways that will make your bond even tighter. The full moon on the 19th will bring all the feels, so if your busy work schedule only allows a brief couples' getaway or super-special date night, this is your moment.

The sun, which rules self-image, blazes into Leo for a month on the 22nd, making it time to review your online presence. Spruce up (and clean up) your social media feeds — and set up a photo shoot if you need better profile pics. You could learn a marketable skill through a webinar, online tutorials, or an intensive workshop that teaches you a new software or how to utilize Instagram (in non-sleazy ways) to promote your own business.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
October 23 to November 21
Where on Google's green earth would you like to drop your next pin? July's wanderlust-inducing stars could find you scurrying to the passport office or practicing daily with your Duolingo app. The sun flows through Cancer and your ninth house of travel until July 22, so at the very least, let yourself drool over (and pin from) some tempting travel blogs. With the new moon in Cancer on the 4th, you could spend your Independence Day in a country that doesn't actually celebrate it (c'est la vie) or start a special savings account for a trip you'll take in January near the corresponding full moon in Cancer. (Download these before you go for Wi-Fi-independent entertainment on your journey.)

Taking risks isn't normally your security-minded sign's M.O. But July is different because thrill-seeker Mars happens to be cruising through Scorpio until August 2! This only happens every other year. And in 2016, you had a rare pair of visits from the red planet — once from January 3 to March 5, and again from May 27 to August 2. Strike while the iron is scorching and go after your wildest, most daring dreams. Mars is the planet that governs our sex drives, too. Prove true the legends of Scorpionic prowess. Some epic action could go down in that bedroom of yours this July.

Charming Venus and smooth-talking Mercury plow into your professional zone on the 12th and 13th, respectively. When you're not in your birthday suit, you could be rocking a powersuit, as July's second half is killer for your career. Polishing up your professional profiles and working wardrobe may be necessary. Given that it only takes the average human seven seconds to form a first impression, you want to take command of the message you're sending out. A little more polish could bring a lot more profit. On the 20th, a lucky alignment of Venus and success-obsessed Saturn could tap you for a raise or promotion. Don't wait for the offer to come in, though. Be bold and ask for a performance review, or pitch the idea yourself. When the sun joins the Leo squad for a month on the 22nd, your career game will only grow stronger. But if you're still a newbie, avail yourself as the humble and happy helper to the office VIPs. The loyalty points you earn will set you up for an epic leap in the future.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
November 22 to December 21
Cast your spell, Sagittarius. You're a full-on enchantress this July, as planets weave through Cancer and your eighth house of seduction. With the sun simmering here until the 22nd, you could have a few very interested parties vying for your affections. But hang on tight to that final rose. During this intense solar cycle, nothing less than a mind-body-soul connection will satisfy you. Waiting a little longer to get physical (willpower, Sagittarius, willpower) will only make it that much hotter when (and if!) you do take it there. With Mars in your 12th house of fantasy and illusion all month, you're on a mission to find out people's real feelings anyway. Are they truly that into you, or is it just a game? It's harder to get a read with Mars fogging up the frame, so again...time tells all. Remember: Vulnerability begets vulnerability. Stop waiting for them to open up first, or you may never find out the truth depth of your connections. The new moon in Cancer on July Fourth could bring a soul mate-grade prospect your way or help you cement an existing bond in a much deeper way. (Do we hear bells...or the sounds of a spare apartment key being cut?) But if you need to exit a dying romance, this new moon can help you part ways in the most graceful way possible. Don't hang on out of fear. You can and will find better, Sagittarius.

Your true Independence Day is July 12, when Venus enters Leo and your liberated ninth house until August 5. On the 13th, Mercury joins up until July 30, restoring your wilder self-expression. During this live-out-loud cycle, you'll find it easier to move away from restrictive circumstances. And if you've been holding yourself back for fear of criticism, cut loose. With Saturn in Sagittarius in a happy dance with Venus on the 20th, your authentic personality will draw fans. As for anyone who doesn't appreciate the genuine you? Well, remember that their "rejection" is the universe's protection.

Summer travel heats up on the 22nd, when the sun blazes into (compatible fire sign) Leo and your zone of worldly adventures for a month. It’s time for camping, glamping, or a cross-continental getaway — the adventurer in you is ready to see a new corner of the world. Consider taking a solo vacay or reserving one leg of the journey as an independent pilgrimage — a stellar opportunity to connect to your own power. In the words of Jack Kerouac, "There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars."
Just don't wander too far from a strong Wi-Fi connection near the 19th. A full moon in your money-earning second house could bring a game-changing assignment or job your way. The Venus-Saturn trine on the 20th could also help position you for prosperity. Be bold, but prepared! Backing up promises with statistics, hard data, and proven results is what will win you the gig.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
December 22 to January 19
Your digital devices aren't the only ones syncing up this July. With a celestial squad storming through the relationship zones of your chart, we'd be amazed if you finished the month single. But neither workaholic Capricorn nor binge-watching Capricorn will get your love life in motion (nor will sacrificial martyr of the friend and family circle Capricorn...real talk). Meet the universe halfway by getting on dating apps, socializing with people who share your common interests, and even asking friends to casually play Cupid for you. The new moon on July Fourth could bring a promising prospect your way — or open up a beautiful new chapter for coupled Caps. But if you need to move on from someone, this is the month to make like Gwyneth and Chris and "consciously uncouple." The full moon in Capricorn on July 19 will certainly remind you that you can do fine on your own. And even if you ARE happily attached, you’ll remember that a healthy relationship is made up of two strong individuals — so make sure you're nurturing your personal passions and interests.

Teamwork makes the dream work in July, as go-getter Mars pulses through your collaborative 11th house. Turns out that it doesn't have to be lonely at the top. You just have to let go a little and invite other people to participate in your projects and plans. You're not burdening or bothering them — they'll probably be thrilled to be included.

The summer gets more soulful and sexy from the 12th on, as planets slowly start creeping into Leo and your seductive eighth house. Venus is the first on July 12, turning a spark into a blazing bonfire. On the 13th, communicative Mercury enters Leo and everything you say starts turning into an innuendo. (Watch that at work, though!) You'll prefer private, one-on-one time with romantic interests. And when the sun joins the Leo party from the 22nd on, your bedroom game will seriously heat up. Slip off with bae for a beach vacation or, if you're single, take your time before hopping in the sack. Although your libido will be on fire, you need equal doses of lust and trust in July's final third or you just won't be able to relax.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
January 20 to February 18
Grab your wetsuit and surfboard, Aquarius — or maybe just your boogie board. July's sporty starmap will sate your sign's athletic streak in a major way. With the sun beaming in watery Cancer and your sixth house of wellness until the 22nd, aquatic sports are the way to go. Crewing a sailboat should not be ruled out either. And with flirty Venus and Mercury both in Cancer until the 12th and 13th, respectively, you could even find love while paddling out to catch a wave (#GrainingOnThatWood) or at a beach-volleyball tournament.

Work will be busy — another good reason to blow off steam with stress-busting exercise. The Cancer new moon on July Fourth could even bring a lucky career connection while you're checking out fireworks at a friend’s rooftop soiree. Go easy on the frozen beverages, because when you get back to the grind on Tuesday you'll want to be power-networking, not nursing a killer hangover. Motivator Mars is on a biennial tour through your 10th house of success all month — and on Wednesday, it will lock into a magic formation with Venus. Pitch, present, pull out all your best tricks! You could wow a serious influencer or solidly get an espadrille in the door with people who could help pull you up the ladder. Tired of working that soulless corporate gig? This Mars cycle can spring you free, helping you move forward with a business plan or start promoting your services as an independent contractor. A powerful mentor figure could appear near the full moon on the 19th. Or, enlist the support of a coach or advisor who can help you chart out "next steps" so you're not just shooting in the dark with your ambitious goals.

Cupid starts firing arrows at you on the 12th, when amorous Venus slinks into Leo and your seventh house of relationships, followed by Mercury one day later. Clear the decks of "temps" and make room in your heart for people who are far more than hookup material. That fateful click could come from your own squad near the 20th, so let your friends fix you up. If you're in a relationship, get out more often as a couple or "co-chair" as entertainment directors for your mutual friends. With the sun entering Leo for a month on the 22nd, all your duos get more dynamic. In addition to loving up bae, partner on projects at work, start a two-person rap group, or launch a podcast. But vet these prospects carefully before getting hooked up with matching braids like Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse. From July 29 until December 30, your ruling planet Uranus makes its annual retrograde — this year, in your third house of friendship — making people a tad unpredictable. Test the waters first with a small, low-impact effort and see if you truly click.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
February 19 to March 20
Hair flips? Yes, please. July's confidence-boosting forecast will give you life, Pisces. No hiding in the shadows. With the Cancer sun illuminating your fifth house of fame and flamboyant self-expression, you could find yourself on stage, or Instagramming or YouTubing like it was your job (and it might soon be). But no matter what, do wear your creativity on your sleeve. July Fourth's new moon in Cancer sets you free from self-imposed restraints. The muse could come a-knocking, so show up late to the party circuit if you're inspired to write lyrics, redesign your Tumblr, or work on a painting.

Love planet Venus and expressive Mercury will spend nearly half the month in Cancer, revving up romantic energy. You could meet a promising prospect near the July Fourth new moon — or finally make a casual dating situation more official. Engagement baubles and babies could also be on your brain, so if you're ready to rock the cradle (or to put a rock on it) you may have news to post this July.

Have you mapped out your summer-vacation plans yet? With thrill-seeking Mars in Scorpio and your global ninth house until August 2, consider going farther from home than usual. Camping (even backpacking) could also be a blast, with Mars in this outdoorsy zone. You're more resilient than you give yourself credit for, Pisces. With the full moon in your communal 11th house on the 19th, you could turn this vacation into a group thing — just pick low-maintenance buddies who won't cramp your spontaneous style.

On the 20th, a power merger between creative Venus and masterful Saturn could bring a career triumph. Share your imaginative ideas with colleagues, but make sure you have a "how-to" plan at least partially scoped out. Summoning support could be a snap, as long as you make a convincing pitch. Or, put your name in the hat for a lead role on a project. You've got this. On the 22nd, the sun heads into Leo and your 6th house of healthy routines. Dial down the hedonism a bit — or at least add some green smoothies to the menu along with the wine slushies. Aquatic sports are a Pisces thing, as are soccer and dancing (you rule the feet), so there are plenty of fun ways to get those endorphins flowing. Just. Get. Moving.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
March 21 to April 19
Yawn...stretch! You can barely be bothered to roll out of the hammock in the first half of July, and really, what's the point? With the sun decamped to private, internal Cancer, you're set to enjoy reflective "me time" with a side of domestic bliss. If you're in the market for new digs, the new moon on July Fourth could bring a lucky listing — or you could serendipitously meet your next roommate at a beach barbecue. And while you may be a shut-in, don't be a hermit. Sultry Mars (your ruling planet) is pulsing through Scorpio and your erotic eighth house, bringing some magic to your bedroom. Entertain a sexy guest star — someone who actually has depth, along with a body you'd like to undress. You'll be equally in the mood to explore your spirituality as you are your sexuality in July — and on the 6th, a rare Venus-Mars trine (lucky 120-degree angle) could make a dreamy connection official. If you're already attached, nesting together will be blissful in July's first half — as long as you both have enough space and your partner understands your need for regular doses of comfortable silence. Spell out your needs to avoid boiling over with rage.

You'll go from siesta to fiesta on the 12th, when creative Venus heads into your flamboyant and fashion-forward fifth house until August 5. Expressive Mercury follows suit from July 13 to 30. Run a comb through that bedhead and get yourself Instagram-ready. (And maybe even try a designed undercut or another new summer 'do.) Dive into a creative project — especially once the sun joins Leo on the 22nd. Your social side will return with a vengeance in July's final third. Festivals, beach bonfires, drinks, and DJ-booth hangs on a hotel rooftop? Yes, please. Romantically, you'll be up for more adventures and dress-up dates in July's second half. And when serious Saturn teams up with Venus on the 20th, you'll need to talk "structure and agreements" with any romantic interests. Blurred lines just won't do.

Circle the 19th as an epic date for your career. The annual full moon in Capricorn could bring your hard work of the past six months to a shining climax. A helpful dude (your dad or brother, even) could step forward with an assist. If it's time to shift gears, polish up that LinkedIn profile and circulate, Aries — or take on more leadership at your current job. In the game of thrones, you were clearly born to reign.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
April 20 to May 20
Mix, mingle, and manifest: This July, you can barely swing a margarita glass without falling into conversation with another fascinating person. Give those social-butterfly wings a good workout, Taurus, but not just for random hangouts. This is your time to soak up cultural events and try as many workshops (and webinars) as your heart desires — bartending basics, crystal readings, UX design, whatever! You could even learn a monetize-able skill in a single weekend. During the new moon on July Fourth, you could meet your future BFF or a creative collaborator for a joint project. And the full moon on the 19th will reconnect you with long-distance contacts. Stop teasing your friend who moved to Paris about coming to see her. Say "oui!" to a worldly adventure under these moonbeams...or at least start saving up for an epic, passport-required getaway.

Love is swelteringly seductive all month as Mars serves it up in Scorpio and your seventh house of relationships. Part of you wants to play for keeps, while another just wants to have fun. Things will move fast, so be prepared with all your safe-sex supplies. On the 6th, Venus right-swipes the red planet and you could fall head over espadrilles for a friend of a friend or even a Tinder date. If you're in a relationship, plan more playdates in July's first half — road trip to festivals, plan drinks and bocce ball tournaments with mutual friends. Laughter is the best medicine, says the love doctor. But on the 12th, you'll start feeling the urge to settle down and maybe even talk "cohabitation station" or key exchanges as romantic Venus decamps to Leo in your domestic fourth house until August 5. Messenger Mercury moves into Leo from July 13 to 30 and you'll crave deeper connections. Keep certain hangouts "inner-circle only" so you can bond with the people who know you best. You might even plan a visit back home or a family reunion once the sun joins Venus and Mercury in Leo on the 22nd. Since Leo rules your feminine fourth house, you'll befriend some amazing women in July's second half. Start an all-girl band or do business with the power babes. Hello, success.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
May 21 to June 20
Ready to raise your financial IQ — and your salary? You're in a money-minded groove this July as the sun blazes through Cancer and your stable, savvy second house. The new moon on the Fourth could even bring an offer or the inspiration to set up interviews yourself. (Independence from that dead-end job...yes!) Work LinkedIn, and make sure you know the answer to these questions before sitting down with any prospective employers. Love where you work? With energetic Mars in your sixth house of daily routines all month, you'll have plenty of momentum for your ambitions. But even if your job gets you on the guest list for all the best parties, you shouldn't be on the clock 24/7. Improve your efficiency levels by "microtasking" (dividing work into smaller incremental tasks...say 15 minutes each) instead of multitasking, which only makes everything take longer. Stay off Snapchat and close email while you're working, and you'll be amazed by how you sail through your days. A lucky hot spot for your career will be July 6, when a powerful formation of Venus and Mars could bring a creative assignment or a hookup via a female colleague. Keep that pool pass handy. With Mars motoring through your fitness-minded sixth house all month, regular lap swims can keep you sane through the buzzy times at the office.

Lift your nose from the grindstone (and the yoga mat) on July 12, when flirtatious Venus zips into Leo and your playful third house until August 5. One day later, curious Mercury moves into Leo until July 30, raising your game even further. People have always been your garrulous sign's passion, and you'll enjoy collecting fascinating new friends in July's second half. If you're in the market for a new set of wheels, shop around now — and drive off the lot when the sun heads into Leo for a month on the 22nd. You'll be commuting often by mid-month. Got an idea to pitch or a concept to present? You could sell Chocolate Brownie Trifles to a Starbucks barista with your ruler Mercury here. Use that gift of gab discerningly, so you don't lead people on. Writing and media projects will take off at warp speed. Time to start your own blog, Etsy shop, or podcast, Gemini (some inspiration from our own Strong Opinions Loosely Held 'cast here).

Romantically, the 19th could be a page-turner when the full moon in Capricorn lights up your intense and erotic eighth house. Scintillating? Yes, but hardly a casual vibe. Chemistry that's been bubbling since early 2016 could erupt in a skin- and soul-baring passionfest. If someone's been stringing you along, deliver an ultimatum. With stable Saturn synced up to Venus on the 20th, your straight-shooting conversation could finally convince your love interest that committing to you is the best possible plan.

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