Your July Horoscope, Revealed

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Let freedom ring! But please don't forget your fam in the process. The Fourth of July comes with a new moon in cozy, sentimental Cancer, which isn't exactly a recipe for independence. How to keep the ties that bind strong without getting tangled up in a web of apron strings? Figuring out a healthy balance between "me" and "we" is one of the month's challenges — especially while the sun hangs out in the Crab's shell until the 22nd. The urge to merge will definitely be strong — but also sexy, since passion planet Mars is slinking through sultry Scorpio for all of July. And on the 6th, his co-star Venus will hop on set for a sexy scene that could melt every Popsicle in the Good Humour truck. Keep a strict privacy policy in place, though! Love affairs should not be televised — or even made Instagram official — until couples have had a chance to revel in the sultry secret for a while.

Keeping it on the low will be hard after the 12th, though — with basically everything. The Leo party begins that day, as cosmic coquette Venus enters the lion's den, followed by expressive Mercury on the 13th. Social media feeds that went dark in July's first half could suddenly be blowing up with FOMO-inducing photos, style posts, lip syncs, and makeup tutorials. The sun heads into Leo for a month on the 22nd, inciting even more riotous flamboyance. All the world is a stage during Leo season — a time that reminds us each to tap into our natural gifts and shout them out to the world (instead of being cast as an extra — hell to the no!).

Keep it pro on the 19th, though! The year's only full moon in Capricorn raises the roof on our ambition levels. The (glass) ceiling can't hold you under these moonbeams. But if trying to win, win, win no matter what is bringing you down, let this enterprising full moon inspire you to blaze your own trail. With the sun in Cancer — the sign associated with women — until the 22nd, July is basically a sequel to Women's History Month. Find your inner feminist and fly!

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