Britney Spears Now Just Randomly Twirling Online

Britney Spears’ Instagram is basically one of our favorite places on the internet. But her Twitter seems to be lagging behind. Why can’t Britney craft a memorable tweet? Is it that she’s just such a visual thinker that Instagram is the only social medium through which she can express herself?

Well, we know that you can post pictures and video to Twitter. And now Britney has apparently figured that out, as she debuted her first-ever iconic Twitter post.

Look at that. The twirl, too brief to really even count as anything. The random steps to the side. The small hop followed by raising her hand to the air. “Look at me, haters,” her move screams. “I’m doing random stuff and directing it at you.”

We’re honestly not sure we fully understand what’s going on here, but we are sure that we love it.

Keep on tweeting on, Brit.


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