Why This Body-Positive Campaign Wants You To "Say Something Nice"

If you’ve experienced criticism — or, at the very least, some side-eye — for your fashion choices (and who among us hasn't?), you’ll really feel Amazon Fashion Europe’s new campaign, called Say Something Nice. “Ever felt judged for how you dress? Yes. Ever judged someone else for how they dress, too? Definitely,” the video is captioned.

The e-comm behemoth tapped eight women to discuss what it’s like to judge others and be judged, based on one’s sense of style. The video includes six fashion bloggers from around the world — Susie Bubble, Freddie Harrel, Gala Gonzalez, Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, Masha Sedgwick, and Camille Charriere — as well as plus-size model Clementine Desseaux, and Hana Tajima, a fashion designer and blogger (and Uniqlo collaborator).
Photo: Via Amazon Fashion Europe/YouTube.

The video’s subjects share the specific judgements that’ve been bandied their way: “I should be ashamed to be on TV. I should be ashamed to [be shot wearing] underwear in my size,” shares Desseaux of criticisms she’s heard before. “Growing up, I didn’t dress a certain way because I was afraid of judgment.” They share other harsh words they’ve contended with, like, “I looked like a whore,” recounts Seraqui de Buttafoco — but also are frank about not-always-nicely sizing up others.

The video also touches on the very real feeling of doubting your style choices because of anxiety about other people's opinions: “I’ll be at the door, almost ready to [leave the house] and I’ll preempt those judgements — I’ll go change into something that makes me feel more invisible and like I’ll fit in,” Tajima shared.

But, of course, that doesn’t mean you should change an outfit over potential shade from others. “Fear of judgement does not change the way I dress,” Bubble says. Another nugget of you-do-you empowerment, courtesy of Harrel: “Style is very much a part of yourself — no one else can be as good at being you as you.” After mulling how much happier the world would be if people stopped judging one another for a day, the women pledge to say something nice.

The very lightly produced, home video-esque ad seems to be created by, and aimed at, Amazon’s European market; that was also the case with another empowering video the e-tailer created last year to highlight that limiting, self-deprecating phrase, “I wish I could wear…” But the message obviously translates across the pond (and, well, anywhere).

“Let’s make fashion and social media a place where you can experiment without judgement,” Tajimi says in the video. Yes, let's.
Video: Via Amazon Fashion Europe/YouTube.

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