The Craziest One Direction Fan Fiction Of All Time

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Have you ever thought of a celebrity — whether it's your celebrity crush, celebrity best friend, or celebrity foe — and imagined what it would be like to interact with that person IRL? What would you say? What would they say? Would they live up to your expectations? Or would you predict a celebrity couple that would later come true?

A lot of fans do more than just daydream about their brushes with famous people; they literally write detailed stories about them, called fan fiction.

Fan fiction, or just fanfics, are all over Tumblr, WattPad, and The material and story lines are extremely creative, over-the-top, and intense.

And one of the most popular subjects of these fanfic writers is a little band you might have heard of — One Direction. For the unacquainted, One Direction fans go NUTS over imagining what the band members do when they're not on stage. If Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and (the now-removed) Zayn Malik ever read any of these stories, they might freak out. Let's just say they get weird, fast.

Even if you aren't into One Direction, you're gonna want to stick around for the craziest 1D fanfics of all time. It's a wild ride.

And hey, it may even inspire you to write your own.
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Harry Styles Secret Sibling

This next one reminds me a lot of the whole Poot Lovato phenomenon.

In a fictional world, Harry has a sibling named Sawyer Styles. She is home-schooled, kept in the backyard to avoid the paparazzi, and basically nonexistent to anyone outside her family. But Harry might owe her his career, and without her even realizing.

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The Lovers Larry

This is probably the most popular topic of fan fiction. It has also been written about on gossip websites. Harry and Louis are best friends in real life, but in the imagined world of One Direction fans, they're way more than just friends. This also ties into another fan theory that Louis's baby is fake (he isn't) and that it's a cover-up for the romance between him and Harry.

One story on WattPad on this topic has over 3 million views. In it, Liam is a hardcore fan and Harry is a rock star.
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The Fake Couple Hendall

When rumors (with, later, photos) surfaced that Harry Styles was dating Kendall Jenner, the One Direction stans ran with it. The nicknamed couple "Hendall" became a popular topic of fan fiction.

In one story, titled "They Don't Know About Us," Kendall and Harry go on a blind date together and awkwardness ensues. Each one is starstruck by the other, and they get snapped by paparazzi after Kendall admits her mom probably tipped them off. The whole relationship is heavily crafted by the matriarch of the Kardashian family to elevate Kendall's name in the tabloids. This one seems a bit realistic, tbh.
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Hybrid Niall

This one is weird. Not like they all aren't, but this one is especially out there.

"Hybrid Niall" is actually a subgenre of 1D fan fiction, and a very popular one at that. A description of one such story reads, "One Direction is the biggest band, except there's something they're missing. They are all in a relationship, but they are all doms and just want someone to take care of. They decide to go to a hybrid adoption center, and that's where they meet Niall, the adorable kitten hybrid who they all instantly fall in love with."

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Zayn The Babysitter

Did you ever imagine that on a Friday night when your parents went out for dinner and hired a babysitter to watch you and your younger siblings, in would walk Zayn Malik?

One person did. And wrote 51 parts, and a sequel, about it.
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Twilight Meets One Direction

One fan-fic writer decided to combine the cast of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and the members of One Direction. If you love vampires, and British boy bands, then this is the story for you.

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