This Sitcom Star Took A Photo With Britney Spears — But Didn't Recognize Her

Almost everyone has a celebrity blind spot. It's that actor or pop star whose rise to fame you just missed, causing your friends to gasp in mock horror that you've never heard of the person. For Modern Family star Ed O'Neill, that blind spot is Britney Spears.
To be clear, O'Neill knew there was an international pop star named Britney. But he was unaware that Ms. Spears was the fan with whom he recently posed for a picture. As the actor explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, "I saw a woman approach me [in the airport], and she came over and she said, 'Oh, Mr. O'Neill, I love Modern Family. You're my favorite on the show.' And I thought, well I'm the one here."

So when this mystery fan, who "couldn't have been nicer," asked to take a photo with O'Neill, he obliged. It wasn't until his manager called about a picture getting a ton of likes on social media that O'Neill found out he had posed for a picture with Britney Spears. At least now she'll know he wasn't just being nice because she's famous! Check out O'Neill's interview with Ellen, below.


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