Spring's Biggest Hair Trend Is Sweeping Hollywood

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Fun fact: Today is Marilyn Monroe's birthday. And while the occasion could lend itself to a slideshow of our favorite platinum blondes throughout history, we don't really need to look beyond the last few months for some rad examples. Why? It's spring's biggest hair-color trend...again!

Hollywood's love affair with the icy-blond bleach-and-tone started in the good old days — from Jean Harlow in the '30s and Monroe in the '50s, to Madonna in the '80s, Gwen Stefani in the '90s, and Rita Ora today. And we've been tracking the trend's resurgence, which has been brewing in L.A. all spring.

The raven-haired Rooney Mara was perhaps the most unexpected adopter. "It’s a big deal!" her colorist Cassondra Kaeding tells us, adding that it's not a decision she encourages her clients to take lightly. "Consider time, maintenance, the condition of your hair, and money. Like any relationship, you've got to make a commitment, because it’s hard on your hair and taxing to reverse." Silk pillowcases and a hair-product overhaul can help maintain the integrity of your strands, she says.
Tracey Cunningham, colorist and owner of MèCHE Salon in L.A., took Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Swift platinum this spring — but is hesitant to call it a trend. "When has platinum not had a moment?" she says. "I've always enjoyed taking my various clients to platinum. It's always exciting." (For the record, Cunningham doesn't comment on, confirm, or deny what she does on what clients. And that's exactly how she keeps big stars coming back.)

Ready to meet the (new) ringleaders? Ahead, we've rounded up pics of the latest platinum blondes and advice from a few of their colorists.
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Rooney Mara
Kaeding wasn't joking when she said platinum is a commitment — even before you get home from the salon. "I did Rooney’s hair color in two separate sittings," she tells us. "I had just taken her hair [to its] darkest brown days before the Oscars, so I wanted to make sure we could maintain the integrity."

That first sitting was six hours long and resulted in a soft, Champagne hue; the next was a week later and took her strands to a chilly white. "Typically, I like to wait a little longer between the first and second sittings," Kaeding says. "Consult with your colorist and they'll tell you the appropriate time frame between processes."

While this two-part strategy isn't implemented by every colorist for every hair type, texture, or color, many believe it reduces breakage.
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Kristen Stewart
Cunningham agrees: "There's a lot of different strategies," she tells us. "It depends on the individual's hair and present color that you have to work with."

One technique is "rooting" the hair, or using toner to achieve a darker base shadow that looks like soft regrowth. "If my client wants a rock-'n'-roll platinum, I keep the roots darker and highlight the rest," she says. Another option is using one single hue throughout. "If my client desired a cool, clean tone, [I'd do] an allover color by lightening the base, highlighting [with] babylights around the face, and keeping an eye on the clock for desired results."
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Jennifer Lawrence
L.A. colorist Riawna Capri took Lawrence to her lightest blond yet. "I love, love, love, icy blondes right now!" Capri tells us. "The paleness of the ice next to a darker brow is my favorite."

Her secrets? She credits Olaplex with giving colorists the power to push the boundaries of blond, and suggests a purple shampoo for at-home toning. Her pick is Unite's Blonda. (You can find more of her tips for blond hair here.)
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Amber Rose
Rose is no stranger to platinum, but last weekend she added some length. Of course, she isn't the first to dabble in wigs and the power of added length, but she does prove that platinum doesn't have to be a huge commitment.
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Emma Stone
Cunningham took Stone platinum last weekend, and already the internet is exploding with the star's new (again) hue. (As a refresher, she was a deep, dark brown prior to the appointment.) Like Capri, Cunningham notes that if chameleon life isn't easy on your strands, Olaplex can help. (Fun fact: She was a first adaptor.)
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Niall Horan
Biebs isn't alone: A few dudes have gone lighter and brighter as of late. Exhibit A: One Direction's Horan.
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Rachel McAdams
For those who want to dabble, but not totally commit, may we suggest looking to McAdams? The actress debuted a Khaleesi blond, but has since gone back to a softer, honey-tinged hue. How? Prepare for a journey that includes a series of lowlights. This guide can help minimize damage along the way.
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Justin Bieber & Lady Gaga
Bieber may already be on to his next 'do, but let's not forget he was a devotee back in February — right when Mara and Lawrence were just gearing up for the change. Of course, his pal Gaga is also a longtime platinum fan.
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Taylor Swift
And finally, we come to the newsiest transformation. Just one of Cunningham's many clients to have hit the blond bottle, Swift traded in her baby-blond for a one-shade platinum in April.

If these 'dos have left you inspired, here's Cunningham's advice: "It's going to take time, patience, [and] maintenance — you will not walk into your appointment and magically walk out in two hours with the perfect platinum," she says. "Do your homework and research, go on social media, look at celebrities, look at pics, see which colorist in your area is doing great blond and perfect platinums, then make an appointment and go in for a consultation."

And don't forget the Benjamins. "To see a professional who knows what they're doing does take a certain amount of money," she says.

Who's jumping in? Tell us in the comments below.
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