The 30 Most Outrageous Things Megan Fox Has Ever Said

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Actress Megan Fox is a curious one. The former model rose to fame starring alongside Shia LaBeouf (an even curiouser one) in the Transformers movies and has puzzled moviegoers and the media alike ever since. Why? We really want to label her, but she doesn't make it easy. Is she the sexiest woman in the world, or, as she insists, an insecure mess? Is she a caterer to the misogynistic male gaze or a badass feminist? And — as you'll be asking yourself in a few minutes after reading this — does she say crazy shit every time she talks to a journalist to get a rise out of people or is she just letting her freak flag fly? (Or could the woman be...all those things at once? GASP!)
The one-time model, who has two children with hubby of six years Brian Austin Green, turns 30 today. And she has something to say about everything. Zac Efron? She has feelings. Chinese food farts? You got it. Women hating her? Yeah, she has some thoughts. Some of Fox's musings will have you nodding along — they're the kind of things lots of people probably think, but don't talk about because, well, filters. Others are just WTF.
We've pared down what easily could have been an encyclopedic catalogue of ridiculousness to 30 of her most outrageous quotes. And every single one is a gem. You'll want to bookmark this one for the next time you find yourself asking, WWMFD?

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