Grey's Anatomy Season 12, Episode 20 Recap: Who We Love

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On this week's episode of Grey's, an 8-year-old gun shot victim is brought into the ER. At first, the doctors assume he's the victim of a drive-by, but it turns out he was shot by his 8-year-old friend, with his own mother's gun. Basically the entire cast waits together for the kid's ambulance to arrive, then they all crowd into the exam room — which is nice of them, but this hospital must get terrible reviews for wait time.
Maggie berates the poor babysitter who left the shooter and victim alone for a minute, allowing them to find the gun. Because that's what the Grey's docs do: emotionally torture bystanders because of their own issues. But when the sitter starts sobbing, Riggs calmly tells Maggie to chill. Turns out, she was being so harsh because she loves Meredith's kids and couldn't stand the thought of anything happening to them. Which is sweet, and really highlights how much the three sisters and Mer's three kids have become a little family.
During his suspension, Ben decides he's going to go back to being an anesthesiologist. Because returning to the hospital where he's banned from being a resident is a great idea. Bailey, reasonably, says that if he's back in the OR, his suspension doesn't really seem like a punishment. It seems like he might be up for a calm discussion about it. But when Bailey brings up how his return would challenge her authority, he bristles and insists he doesn't need her permission. Yeah, a marriage counselor needs to be brought in before the finale.

Things get real in the waiting room, where the GSW victim's mom is fighting with the shooter's mom, who says her son's friend "might have made him a murderer." Her kid looks like he's going to throw up on the couch. The victim pulls through, but he'll never walk again. Meanwhile, everyone has forgotten about the poor little shell-shocked shooter. Fortunately, Amelia tells him it wasn't his fault. Maybe now he'll only need two decades of therapy.

In the operating room, Jo confesses she owns a gun. The Grey's doctors couldn't be giving her more side-eye if she told them about the increased risk of injury during elevator sex. When Alex finds out the firearm's under their bed, he's really, really unhappy about it. But when he gets home and she has the gun in her lap, she explains that it's what made her feel safe when she was a teenager living in her car, but now she's outgrown it. Which could be a legitimate emotional journey she experienced, but also feels like something she convinced herself to believe to please a judgy boyfriend traumatized that she was packing heat.

Since Jackson and April have stopped their war (they're even going to the Ob together!), the drama baton has been passed along. So when Arizona gets a call from a New York school that wants to talk about Sophia's application, she's handing Callie her lawyer's card. Here we go. Next week, it's Grey's Anatomy, custody battle edition.

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