Update: Kim Kardashian Explains The Time Prince Kicked Her Off Stage

Update: Kim Kardashian has taken to Instagram to offer her take on that infamous moment in 2011 when Prince kicked her off of his Madison Square Garden stage.

"I will always remember this moment with one of my favorite artists!" she wrote. "I was so star struck I froze! RIP Prince"

Starstruck at meeting the man who will forever own the color purple? Whatever else may have happened, that we can certainly believe.

I will always remember this moment with one of my favorite artists! I was so star struck I froze! RIP Prince

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This story was originally published on April 21 at 11:30 p.m.

Prince, who died earlier today, had his fair share of memorable moments. But perhaps the most memorable one came in 2011, when he called Kim Kardashian up on stage at Madison Square Garden. She froze, and then this happened.


If you don't remember, 2011 was when Kim was involved with, you know, Kris Humphries. A tweet offered a clue as to why Prince may have asked Kim to leave.

Um, if Prince calls you on-stage maybe, like, put down your phone? For a second?

Prince must have been in a good mood, which he probably got into by remembering that he is literally Prince. He called Kardashian back up.

So there you have it. From tragedy to triumph in three acts. Kim hasn't yet tweeted her remembrances of Prince, but she's probably still experiencing residual embarassment. Who could blame her?

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