Grey's Anatomy Season 12, Episodes 18 & 19 Recap: Who's To Blame?

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This week on Grey's Anatomy, we open on a code pink — which is probably the name of numerous lip gloss shades, but is also the term for a hospital lockdown when there's a missing kid. About two minutes into the crisis, they find said kid (wearing the best "not impressed face," ever), which would be super anticlimatic if it weren't for what Warren and DeLuca were doing when the doors locked and the elevators stopped running: performing an emergency C-section on a car crash victim in the middle of the hallway.
It's now up to chief Bailey, not wife Bailey, to get to the bottom of why exactly her husband pulled a baby out of a patient so close to a vending machine. Various attendings confirm that the patient was stable the last time they saw her, but it's assumed Warren must have had no other choice with the hospital on lockdown and no way to get to an ER. Still, this is the same guy who sliced open a patient with part of a clipboard in the psych ward.
In a mini flashback that shows us the truth of the matter, we meet my favorite character of the night (and possibly the whole season), Jasmine, who is the daughter of the pregnant patient and looks to be about 10 years old. With her mom still getting checked out and her dad in surgery, she's casually informed that she's in charge. Of course, that baton of responsibility was only supposed to be passed for a short amount of time, but this is Grey's, and such a statement basically signed her poor mother's death certificate. And sure enough, as Bailey is still trying to figure out the reason for the renegade C-section, the pregnant mom dies on the table, along with the newborn baby.

In the "I'm not crying, you're crying" moment of the night, little Jasmine sees right through Bailey's cheery follow-up routine and asks her point-blank if her mom is dead. When that's confirmed, Jasmine doesn't sob, but rather asks for money to play the tooth fairy for her little brother. Bailey gives her all the money she has, as absolutely anyone would.

The mystery of exactly what went down is solved, but there's no happy ending for Bailey. As she goes through the security camera footage, she sees that right before her husband cut into the patient in the hall, the elevator doors opened. He stared right into the open elevator and cut anyway. He is going to get so many frowny faces on his performance review.
And now, it's time for the next episode (this week gave us a double dose)!

For impartiality purposes, Bailey has created an advisory panel on how to deal with Warren. That is completely impossible, because in the world of Grey's Anatomy, everyone is everyone else's BFF and has probably also slept together. But the committee, made up of Meredith, Owen, and Maggie, make it clear that they're here as non-smiling strangers.
Things between Callie and Penny are tense, because the latter has an exciting opportunity to move across the country for a fellowship — for a year. All seems lost for the happiest couple at the hospital (though that's a really, really easy trophy to grab), until Arizona advises Callie to make it work. While Arizona meant a sane solution, like investing in a good webcam, Callie decides she should move across the country with her GF. Proving she has learned literally nothing from the custody mess that is April and Jackson, Arizona sees a custody lawyer before even mentioning to Callie that her actions are a bit rash. These doctors are on the slowest learning curve ever.

Jackson and April continue their insufferable bickering this week, but more importantly, after a minor scare, April finally gets an ultrasound and learns her baby is healthy— just kicking. Jackson suggests they re-tie their friendship bracelets — and maybe more? He left the door open, and as a Japril shipper, I'm holding on to that. Then April lets him feel the kick through her belly. So cute!
Jasmine continues to break my heart in this episode. She comes in to tell her grandmother, who's unable to sign the papers to take her likely brain-dead son off life support, that she should do just it, so "he can be with mommy." Seriously, this kid is more mature than any doctor at the hospital. But her dad does not die, because Bailey has a momentary lapse in judgment and resuscitates Jasmine's father, husband of the woman Warren operated on, even though he had a DNR. Serious question: Who do you call when the chief goes off the wall?

Ultimately, the impartial advisory board (of personal friends and employees of the accused's wife) decides that, even though he stared right at the elevator doors as they opened, Warren didn't register them because he was so focused on the surgery at hand. But Bailey still hands down a sentence — six months suspension from the residency program. Warren is livid, and the look of disgust he gives his wife makes me wonder if their marriage will survive this. And when Bailey confesses she initially wanted to fire him? They're going to need a whole team of marriage counselors.
On a happy note, Jasmine will not be raising her siblings in a heartwarming Lifetime movie because, miraculously, her father wakes up and is totally fine. But it doesn't look like Bailey is really in the mood to celebrate.

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