This Kim Kardashian Painting Is Unbelievable

Some Kardashian fans might buy the products they endorse. Some might try to put together an outfit that captures the Kardashian style. But one NYU student is showing off his Kim K affection by completing a painting of the most-photographed Kardashian that looks so perfect, you'd swear it was a photograph.
Christ Minafo captured all the work that went into his six-foot rendering of Kardashian and cut it into a hypnotizing time-lapse video. You can watch as Minafo maps out every eyelash and spec of eyeshadow.
This isn't the young artist's first attempt at capturing a celeb with his paintbrush. Last April he posted a video featuring him painting a similarly giant photo of Beyoncé. Wondering how much time he pours into these portraits? Well, Beyoncé's smiling face took him more than 60 hours over the course of two weeks to complete.

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