Mexico's Female Police Officers Are Being Given "Attractiveness" Tests

Photo: Tim Johnson/Getty Images.
Female police officers in Querétaro, Mexico, are complaining after being subjected to incredibly sexist tests.

The Guardian reports that two officers told the state's human rights commission that their male superiors tested their "attractiveness" when considering which officers to hire for a new female unit in the city.

According to the allegations, one of the officers, who'd recently suffered a miscarriage, was told she was "paunchy." The women reportedly received feedback about their weight and appearance during the inspections.

The complaint comes amid protests against Rolando Eugenio Hidalgo Eddy, Querétaro's police chief. Before Hidalgo Eddy became police chief last year, he worked in Aguascalientes, forming a unit of female officers who wore heels and lipstick while on the job. Recently, officers in Querétaro have gone on strike, demanding that Hidalgo Eddy resign from his post.

In a statement to The Guardian, the Querétaro department denied that the city's police force was creating a female unit. The police spokesman didn't comment on the allegations of harassment or the reported appearance tests.

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