21 Of The Most WTF Things James Franco Has Ever Done

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In late 2009, James Franco started playing Franco, a borderline psychotic performance artist, on the soap opera General Hospital. Playing both his soap character and himself, Franco decided to take his meta performance to the next level. Franco had his on-screen character interact with his real-life persona by hosting an art exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. In July of 2010, the exhibit opened. Franco called it “Soap at MOCA.”

Basically, Franco hosted an art exhibit, where he displayed his own art, and appeared as a fictional character playing, well, himself. And he also had a body double for a scene where he jumped off a balcony.

As the New Yorker put it, “There was no one who was not confused.” And that, ladies and gentleman, is the essence of James Franco.

Franco is all id, with a dash of super-ego. He is driven by unbridled creativity, but refined by diligent methods. He looks outward only to look inward. In addition to his confusing art installations, Franco has done a number of weird things. They range from the silly to the surreal. And in honor of his 38th birthday on April 19, we are revisiting all the times Franco made us think "WTF." Which, in the case of this story, could mean one of two things — What the fuck! or, What the Franco!

If you're into horoscopes, then it's important to point out that Franco is a quintessential Aries. He's a go-getter, enterprising, spontaneous, a bit proud, impatient, and at times egoistic (ahem — the selfies.) His enterprising and spontaneous traits are exemplified by his mile-long project list (there are currently over 20 projects he is involved in this year on IMDB) and the fact that he has attended no less than 7 colleges at some point.

He's quirky, yet hunky. Free-spirited, yet hyper-focused. He's got a mega watt smile with a mega weird mind. That's what makes him so great. So happy birthday, Franco. Stay weird.
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When he starred as Franco in his aforementioned role on General Hospital...

Daytime soaps? Really?
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When he made his acting debut in a Pizza Hut commercial...

The commercial also starred none other than (a computer-generated version of) the King himself, Elvis Presley.
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When he got an Elizabeth Taylor tattoo on his scalp...

Don't worry, it was fake. He really likes to shock the public with fake tattoos.
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When he made fun of his wildly overachieving self...

And you realized how much shit he actually does.
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When he said he didn't smoke pot while filming Pineapple Express...

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When he directed this drug-riddled music video...

Dangeruss was the inspiration behind Franco's character, Alien, in Spring Breakers. They apparently hit it off.
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When he was part of an international hacking scandal...

Not to mention the entire plot of The Interview was pretty weird.
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When he created this absurdly creepy mural of Jonah Hill...

A striking resemblance indeed.
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When he wrote an ode to McDonalds for The Washington Post...

He worked at the fast food chain after he dropped out of college in his late teens. He writes, "I was given the late shift drive-thru position. I wore a purple visor and purple polo shirt and took orders over a headset. I refrained from reading on the job, but soon started putting on fake accents with the customers to practice for my scenes in acting class."
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When he played Alien in Spring Breakers...

And eerily fully embraced the personae.
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When he shared naked selfies with his brother (and the world)...
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When he starred on Naked And Afraid with Seth Rogen...

And he brought sunglasses.
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When he formed a band called Daddy...
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When his brother revealed how Franco thinks sleeping in a bed means failure...

Which explains a lot.
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When he bought the rights to direct the epic and unbelievable Zola story into a movie...
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When he made a sex tape, and it turned out horribly...
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When he and Rogen pulled a Yoko and John...

Not to mention when he spoofed Kanye West's "Bound 2" music video.
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When he got roasted on Comedy Central...

But then in his closing monologue, acted like the joke was on everyone else. "Genius unscathed, and this is my masterpiece!" he announced, before spray painting "James Franco Bitches" onto the podium.
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When he played Carrie Bradshaw in a mash-up of Breaking Bad and Sex and The City, titled Breaking Sex...

He also plays both Walter White, and Bradshaw.
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When he wrote about an intimate evening with Lindsay Lohan at Chateau Marmont...

An excerpt from the piece on Vice reads, "I ran my fingers through her hair and thought about this girl sleeping on my chest, our fictional Hollywood girl, Lindsay. What will she do? I hope she gets better. You see, she is famous. She was famous because she was a talented child actress, and now she’s famous because she gets into trouble. She is damaged."
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When he had a bar mitzvah at age 37...

During the party, Miley Cyrus performed, and actor Jeff Goldblum gave him a circumcision. Zac Efron made a surprise appearance as Franco's soon-to-be cut member.

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