Grey's Anatomy Season 12, Episode 16 Recap: Time To Clean Up

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This week's episode is all about cleaning things up. As in Meredith's literal, slightly manic, spring cleaning, after she threw her new lover out of the house in an obviously guilty rage. So she cleans, like how Izzy baked when she got stressed. I'm sure there's something to mine there for a term paper on feminism in TV — how these powerful female surgeons retreat into stereotypical domestic roles when they get overwhelmed — but mostly it's just fun to watch Meredith turn into a whirlwind of kid-friendly cleaning products. And it leads to some adorable sister bonding, because Amelia's back in the house! For those of you keeping track, it took exactly seven episodes for her to forgive her sister-in-law for not saving her from a debilitating beat-down, which I think is pretty darn magnanimous of her.

In the episode's only real patient drama of the night, a very tall man has sex with a very short woman, and a slip ends up dislocating both her legs. When she describes the unlikely match-up to the docs as "climbing Mount Everest," it's funny. But later, when complications have her spooked and she tells the seemingly very sweet bigger gentleman, "no one wants to climb the mountain twice," it seems like she thinks that's a totally okay thing to say. I mean, it's okay to be scared of what another date will do to your limbs, but you probably shouldn't call someone you're rejecting a mountain. Not cool.

In news that isn't really news, Mama Avery continues to be terrifying. Jackson makes her promise to leave April alone, but she shows up anyways, sharing stories from her own pregnancy to inspire a little girl talk. And it's kind of heartbreaking to see April so quickly put at ease now that she finally has someone to talk to. But her not-quite mother-in-law looks like she's hatching a plot, and it turns out she didn't want to bond — she wanted info she could use against her in a legal case, like the fact that April knew she was pregnant when she signed the divorce papers. So I guess they won't be shopping for maternity clothes together.

The couples did not fare well tonight. DeLuca and Maggie are no more, because, I guess he realized she had all the power in the relationship? Which she kind of proved when she kicked him out of the on-call room. Still, he's never going to do better. Amelia kicked Owen to the curb to protect her sobriety (normally on Grey's that would be an excuse to protect her heart, but it seemed pretty genuine). And even after Mer's screaming session, her stalker doc promises he'll wait for her because she's "worth waiting for." Which, yeah, she is, and we know that after 12 seasons, but does he really know that after two dates? Do you think she told him she nearly dies on almost an annual basis?
One couple doing very well, after some drama this episode, is Penny and Callie. Penny said "I love you," and Callie didn't say it back; Penny treated her kid's minor head wound; Callie soul-searched, and the three of them went for ice cream — your basic relationship stuff. Really, the important part of this storyline is seeing how big Sophia got. Remember when she was a terrifyingly small baby? She's so big and adorable. And so are Zola and Bailey. Petition to get the Grey's kids more screen time, without bloodshed: It'll be tough, but the writers can handle it.
Next week, will Owen and his former war buddy keep their drama out of the OR? Probably not, but at least they won't be talking about oversized penises, like this week's small-talk offenders did.

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